Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Une Patate Chaude


Hot potato morning — 9 showed up for some home fries with some catchup. 🙂

Labrat kicks it off with Parking Lot Tracers

Handoff to Bulkhead for the COP
SSH, DQ, LBC’s, IW, Hand Release Merkins

Spike steals the Q — run to the back hill for some 11’s
1 Burpee, Bernie Sanders up the hill, 10 WW2’s
you know the drill for the rest.

Yardsale — a little fartlek. Run to lights on the right. First person there starts doing an exercise, everyone else does it when they arrive. Exercises included JumpSquats, Burpees, 6 inches, people’s chair

Helix — Run to a numbered square. Helix asks for the number of parking spot and creates magic exercises for that number. Spot 86 — 8+6 = 14 burpees. Spot 36 = 36 flutterkicks

Opus — finish in a circle with 4 merkin ring of fire. still time left? do 5 more — time is up.

Numbers, names, announcements

NMS — Q sheet became open last night. Phonics suggested hot potato. Great idea! YHC loves the hot potato because of the random nature of it. Plus, everyone brings their A game to lead! Bernie Sanders killed us this morning!

Announcements — Puppy pile this Saturday — bring your 2.0’s. If you don’t have any 2.0’s, it’s kind of creepy to show up at Puppy pile.
Ghost Flag at The Forge this Thursday!
Field Day — May 11 at Dogpile! Should be a blast!



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  1. Nice bb. All the basis covered and no extras! Bonus for having it posted before lunch.

    I would have put Emoji in the pax list just for the guilt factor!