Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dog Pile Buddy Rush


33 gathered as the moon was setting and the sun rising to see what is in store.

Here is how it went down.

10 Burpee start

Mosey to COP all IC: 22 SSH; 15 Abe Vigoda; 22 Grass Angels; 22 Australian Grass Angels; 22 crunchy Frog; Arm Circles; 22 4 count HRM.

Mosey to Carillon field. Partner up 6 Boo-ya Merkins. Partners group in teams of 4. Gomer Pyle and Bulkhead demonstrate buddy rushes. Pax practice on the short width. Pax buddy rush down the long width. Civil war rush back to the Carrilon. Much rejoicing.

Mosey down love hill to pump house road. 10 Spider crawl: Spider Merkins + bear crawl. Thats 80 merkins, Fudd.

Pipe Loop triple check. P1 Flutter kicks; P2 Squats; P3 Run

Mosey to flag

Bodos took us out.


Puppy Pile next weekend at 705a

NMS – This is Day 7 of YHC Q week. Its still amazing that I have been part of this org for just 2 years. Such great bonds in that short time.

April 22, 2019 is YHC 2 year anniversary, hence the week of Q and the 22 reps. I will be on a plane Monday, so Upchuck has Hoedown. Enjoy your Earth Day.

PAX that have been around more than 5 minutes, might have heard that YHC was in the Infantry and Combat Engineer at one point during formative years. Covering the last 50 meters (with 82mm mortars) or 100 meters (with 105mm) is the critical task for an employer with many critical tasks. Hence the THREE second buddy rush= I’m up, he sees me, I’m down. After the chaos of getting started, Bulkhead and I relearned that this is why we have team leaders and squad leaders to coordinate movement. Otherwise, men will do what men will do. Thanks again for working through it. It will be better next time. Hoo-AH

Also PAX might have heard that YHC attended Univ of Richmond hence the Spider Crawl. When you are looking forward to Bear Crawls to break it up, you know you found a good exercise. Props to DaVille (Opus?) for renaming the formerly awkwardly named 8 point creature Merkin. Spider Born and Spider Bred!

Pipe Loop. Celebrates F3RVA.

10 Burpees. Why not? Get some.

Thanks to Shakedown for documentary-ing.

Thanks to the PAX for working strong all week and for the opportunity to lead.

BMNT chart: https://aa.usno.navy.mil/cgi-bin/aa_rstablew.pl?ID=AA&year=2019&task=3&state=VA&place=richmond



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  1. GP great Q Brother! I think those spider Merkins got harder as the week went on. Enjoy partnering with Handsake, Kubota, and Oyster today.

    Have a great weekend fellas and Happy Easter!

  2. This sounds like an absolute smokefest. Way to lead and inspire Gomer Pyle. Heres to many more years of F3RVA having the privilege of getting to see your talents first hand.

  3. You’re welcome my man. Someone said today that I need a GoPro and I think they are right. Anybody want to buy a rifle? Lol

    Tough and fun beatdown man. Happy Birthday and Anniversary- my 2 years is in a month or so. I thought you’d been here forever when I got here. Time flies but bonds do build fast in the gloom. F3 has been amazing for me and I’m glad you guys are in my life.

    Went to PSP after with Crikey (2.0 no 1) and his friend and friend’s dad. Jumping bikes and binning hills after this morning was a challenge but it was great fun. I land harder than I used to though.

    I hit three GP workouts this week. Glad I did.

    Seriously stubbed toe is gonna keep me off the Funday run tomorrow but the trails are open so y’all go get some.

    Shakedown out – gotta rub some CBD on my toe. Happy 420 ?✌???????

  4. Smoke fest, GP! Wow! Great stuff. Enjoyed partnering with Love Seat (kotters), Spit and Oyster. Spider Merkin crawl was cruel, well done! Happy Birthday and Anniversary, Gomer Pyle. Glad to know you and be your brother!

  5. Great beatdown Gomer. Great week of Qs! Posting for a full week is one thing. Q’ing for a full week is next level. Everyone should try it. It’s well worth it.

  6. Solid Q, GP. Great two years of knowing you.

    “We’ll probably do 2 rounds of this,” said UpChuck to himself at the beginning of the Spider Mercans. Just a little off, I guess. 5 rounds was a whopper. I confess to not being fully confident that my back would straighten when i finally finished and stood up. Good stuff.

    Flange and Bodo’s, nice partnering with you.

  7. GP, if you somehow see this in 2022, any chance you can bring those Spider Merkins back? I’ve been around since 2020 and have never seen em.