Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Easter Egg Hunt


8 very curious men hopped out of bed on Good Friday and made it to Twin Team for an Easter Egg Hunt.  Much respect to Aggie who drove from Cville in the wee hours to introduce his Midlothian pal, Hawkeye (FNG), to F3RVA.


Slow mosey 100 yards to the beginning of the bus loop for 10 SSHs, 10 Don Quixotes, and 10 Russian Soldiers.  Then, instructions were then given to perform 10 Merkins, 10 Jump Squats, and race around the bus loop, returning to the front of Bettie and hold Plank. 

The Thang (Easter Egg Hunt):

Two teams were formed:

              Team 1 – Rosie, Doozy, DK, and Aggie

              Team 2 – Tobit, Hawkeye, Sugar Sock, and Bullesye

The following instructions were provided while the PAX held Plank.  Well, this is how they looked in my head.  It later became apparent that they weren’t verbalized so clearly.     

  1. There were 8 stations in various locations within the standard AO footprint.
  2. Each team was provided a notecard with a hint about each of the 8 locations.
  3. Each station had a Ziploc bag under a soccer cone (to keep the wind from displacing the bag).
  4. Inside the bag was a notecard with exercises and 3 prizes.
  5. The prizes, which ranged in value, were a Peep (10 pts), a Robin Egg (5pts), and a Jelly Bean (1pt). 
  6. Some stations were harder and contained more of the high-value prizes.
  7. The first team to arrive would take the highest value prize available and then perform the exercises.  This is where YHC may have been unclear.
  8. Each team could choose their own route and order to the stations.
  9. The objective was to collect as many prizes as possible (but preferably, just one from each station) and return to the Flag by 6:10.  The team with the most points would win.

The Hints / Stations and the exercises:

  • “Name of the AO” – This station was at the base of Twin Team. 
    • 40 Merkins
    • 40 Jump Squats
    • 80 Mountain Climbers, 2 count
  • “Alaska” – A map of the USA is painted on the Bettie Weaver playground. 
    • Tag all 4 of the basketball goals on the playground alternating Bear Crawl and Crawl Bear between each goal.
  • “The Murph” – On the playground where Honeymoon crushes us with the Murph
    • 20 pullups for each team member.  Assisted counts
  • “Swamp Entrance” – The JRHS football field is named the Swamp. 
    • Run up the home team bleachers 10 times performing 15 dips between each run.
  • “JRHS Tennis” – Hope this one is obvious.
    • 4 corners (progressive / add on) around the inside of the tennis courts.   
      • 10 HR Merkins
      • 20 Squats
      • 30 SSHs
      • 40 Mountain Climbers, 2 count
  • “High Above the Marching Band” – A two story platform at the edge of the parking lot where the marching band practices.
    • Run to the top of the platform 5 times each.
  • “JRHS” Fr. Circle” – The island in front of the high school main entrance.
    • 15 Walk-out Merkins
  • “JRHS Basketball (outdoors) – Obvious
    • 25 Jump Squats
    • 1 Suicide
    • Repeat 3x

Disclaimer – YHC, who was on Team 2, set the locations and knew the prize values but fully intended to allow Team 2 to find each cone without YHC’s help.    

YHC would like to say that the well-planned workout ran smoothly.  However, it did not.  As Team 2 made its way Alaska, YHC noticed that the soccer cone and Ziploc were missing.  Knowing Döner Kebab very well, YHC immediately suspected trickery.  YHC owes DK an apology…

Laughing, but suspecting Team 1 was hiding the cones, Team 2 decided to pursue the stations in a different order.  This is where YHC may have helped with directions. 

The hunt continued and each team made it to 6 or 7 of the 8 stations.  More than YHC anticipated.  Great job men.

Back to the Flag – At 6:10, both teams reported back to the flag for various Merkins, and just a little bit of ab work, followed by a Ring of Fire.  Because of the confusion, no winner was selected.  Participation trophies were handed out instead. 

Numberama, Namerama, COT

No announcements

In planning the Easter Egg Hunt, I felt it could either be a huge success or a complete failure.  It appears to have landed somewhere in the middle.

In the post-workout conversation, it was determined that Team 1 wasn’t playing games by hiding the station cones.  Because the opening instructions weren’t so clear, Team 1 understood that they were to take all the prizes in the bag.  And to be helpful, they were collecting the cones and Ziplocs so YHC would have less clean up. 

Thanks again to Aggie for his hour plus drive to join F3RVA and for introducing Hawkeye.  Thanks to the PAX for being good sports this morning.

Happy Easter!


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  1. Bullseye, that was by far one of my favorite workouts and I would call it more success than fail because I think everyone got what they came for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. Well done and I hope it comes back around next year, though I have always been baffled by what bunny’s, eggs and candy have to do with the celebration of the Risen King. Thanks for the time and effort you spent in getting this one set up. Team 1 will do better following the rules next year. Happy Easter to all the F3 families out there.

  2. Echoing doozy, it’s obvious you put a lot of thought into this and it was a lot of fun. Thanks for a memorable one!

  3. Wow! Nice job, Bullseye! Looks like a lot of thought and planning went into this. Do it again next year and I’ll cross the roach.

  4. That was great Bullseye! Enjoyed it! Thanks for putting in the planning and effort.

    Welcome Hawkeye…looking forward to seeing you back out soon.

    Happy Easter fellas!

  5. This sounds awesome! I wish I could have been there. I was traveling for work all week, but I managed to make it out for my second post on Thursday morning out in Mountain View, CA at “Hangar 1” with a great PAX out there!