Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Bullseye? Ab-tastic!


7 SOJ warriors assembled at Midlo Middle School. Their search for the Source of Truth went something like this:


Mosey to far side of school for COP: SSHs, Empirial Walkers, Russian Soldiers, 20 Tempo Merkins, Plank Shoulder Taps, LBCs, Slow LBCs, Box Cutters 1 direction, Box Cutters other direction, Alabama Prom Dates

Mosey to front of school for Curb Crawl: up to 6 and back down

Assemble for Doors for Orange Crush: As a PAX, run school perimeter, stop at each numbered door, perform 1 burpee + an ab exercise according to the number on the door. Each member of PAX gets to call exercises for 5 doors, which included Flutterkicks, WWIIs, American Hammers, Hello Dolly Crossovers, Pickle Pounders, Freddies

Mosey back to cars for Partner Pain: Partner up, 1 dips on benches, other performs 25 squats, switch, repeat until time is called

Walk to VSF for COT: Gumbo took us out with a quote that went something like “If the people in your circle are not inspiring you, then you’re not in a circle at all, rather you’re in a cage.” Given this definition, the F3 circle is definitely a circle!

Naked Moleskin

It’s not much on paper, but that was a smokefest for sure. 20 tempo merkins left the Q winded, in case anyone couldn’t tell….then followed by a traditional curb crawl.

In fact, YHC thought we could get a Beast in as well. YHC must be a little rusty…because the Doors ended with 5 min to go!

Tobit lead the PAX through the doors…and was good to wait for the PAX after 5 doors.

Not much mumblechatter today, except for the College BBall/Kyle Guy talk as we moseyed.

It was a pleasure, and YHC appreciates the PAX helping call out the exercises.


Lots happening tomorrow: Gomer Pyle stamps his SOJ Passport to Q Timberwolf, while Don Draper performs his VQ at THE FORGE


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  1. Rest that back, Bullseye! Very intrigued by the “Easter Egg Hunt” listed by your name for Friday’s Q at Twin Team!

  2. Great Q DK. Those Tempo Merkins and Curb Crawl got it off to a rocking start and then Ab-a-Palooza Doors-style was great.

    No doubt F3RVA is a circle. It embodies the idea of surrounding yourself with people who motivate and inspire you. You all do that for me everyday. Thank you!

    I’m stamping a passport tomorrow and hoping to welcome an FNG at 45MOM — looking forward to it men! Sorry I’ll miss Gomer at T-wolf…well, sort of…Gitty Up!

  3. Thanks for a great Q DK! Definitely enjoyed the ab heavy tour de doors…gotta get the beach body ready.

    And thanks for sharing the quote Gumbo. Completely agree…this group motivates and inspires me everyday.