Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wait, you’re not Flatline


13 SOJ redwoods escaped the draw of the warm fartsack. On what was hopefully the last cold morning of the spring they came to see what Flatline had in store but got YHC instead. With Flatline unavailable after the recent death of his M’s grandmother he reached out to me last week to take over but I decided to leave the Q sheet alone. Most of the PAX stayed in the warm cars until the last minute, or at least until Tobit got out and started stretching, we saw you checking him out Gumbo. Apparently a few of the PAX had checked the Q sheet and were looking around for Flatline until the mosey began. I tried a to mimic Flatline along the way but was told there was not enough energy or volume to do it justice.


Parking lot COP – SSH, DQ, Plank for Annie, Merkins, Alt. Shoulder Taps, Mtn. Climbers, Merkins, LBC.

Mosey to the field for a Flatline special – sprint the field, 15 merkins. Only once this time. Next up was the Quarter Pounder – run to 25 yd line do 25 merkins backwards to the start, repeat to the 50, 75 and 100 with 50 squats, 75 Mtn Climbers, 100 SSH. Repeato for a Double QP with apologies to Bullseye – 25 WWI, 50 2ct Freddies, 75 2ct Flutter kicks, 100 LBC.

Back to the parking lot for a triple check – Run the loop, BTTW (fence), Pole smokers. Carousel plank walk around the island for the 6. Mosey back to the basketball courts for donkey kicks and monkey humpers, rounds of 10, 15 and 20. 6 inch hold for the six.

Close out with a ring of fire with lots of flair including Dive bombers, Hitchhikers, Stagger merkins, Werkins and others… Wilson and Posh stole the show. Wilson with his dog pointer merkins lifting opposite hand/leg on each and Posh with the full body explosion getting hands and feet off the ground for 10 merkins. That man has gotten strong!

Numbers/Names/Wilson took us out


VQ Thursday at the FORGE – Don Draper has the Q

Gomer Pyle Q week, find him if you can

NMM – Thanks for following along today men. It was no Flatline Q but it had it’s own flavor, most of which the PAX could predict. I think I heard a few people call out what was next before I gave the instruction. Next time I’ll have more variety for you. Gotta give it to Posh again, those merkins were impressive, not sure if there is an F3 name for those but there should be. DK was missing Flatline and I tried to get the cadence right but it just wasn’t the same. DTH was already thinking of ways to do a Full Pounder or more. Good push today men, another great start to the day. Go do something good for someone. That’s basically what Wilson said right.


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  1. Posh was definitely showing off some impressive merkin skills…I wish someone had recorded those.

    Great Q Rosie!

  2. A valiant effort at impersonating Flatline. No doubt he loves the field and the sprints. I think the Half-Pounder brought those out today. Well done Rosie.

    Guilty as charged. Tobit has a fine arse. I usually see it running away from me quickly.

    Well done this morning gents. Thanks to Doozy and Posh for circling the parking lot quickly during the Triple Check.

  3. Loved every minute of the workout today – I literally feel set on FIRE with manly vigor and righteous enthusiasm. Very well done Rosie! And thanks to all you SOJ brothers for being there this morning – hugs and kisses all around. 🙂

  4. Nice Q, Rosie. You pushed me to failure as I couldn’t complete 20 donkey kicks without a quick rest at the end there. Merlot was nearly splashed.

  5. Great Q Rosie, when I was in Fort Mill, SC and did an F3 workout with them they called the Posh Merkins “Hydraulic Merkins”. Not sure if that is their actual name but my vertical on two feet is not what Posh was clearing from the Plank position, you could call them PEM,s (Posh’s Explosion Merkins).