Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Twin Team, is that the correct name?


Double Digit numbers this morning at Twin Team. 10 Strong showed up to see what the “Hill” had to offer.


SSH x 20

Helicopters x 10

Imperial Walkers x 15

LBCs x 25

Carolina Dry Docks x 10

Arm Circles x 15 x Reverso

The Thang

40 Long Strides up Twin Team, Stretch your Stride as far as you can, mosey back down hill for 30 LBCs

60 Strides then back down for 30 Merkins

100 Strides, Stay at the location of fastest PAX member (Sorry Gumbo) then 50 LBCs

Lunge 25 paces up the Hill then 25 back down.

Continue Mosey up the hill, Stop 25 incline Merkins, More mosey, 25 Decline Merkins, Mosey to top of hill to mailbox – then 100 LBCS

1 Burpee at the top for UVA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Mosey back down the hill, Lunges, then 80% to the bottom and hit another 100 LBCs, Plank for Pax, Honeymoon threw a burpee in the 20 Count.

Mosey to front of school

Partner Up – 20 Pole Smokers while parter does burpees, 2 Rounds

Bus Loop – 5 Burpees run a lap, 4 Burpees run a lap, modified at 3 laps to complete….Burpess with the PAX to complete

Back to the Flag – 3 more Burpees….Wait add one more for UVA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out


Some Craziness occuring at 430am tomorrow, see a previous BB

Prayers for Flatline Family

Prayers for Goose’s Brother


As YHC mentioned yesterday about having the Q, it was named Twin Team for a reason, so conquering it today was the goal. Even though as YHC arrived there was a conspiracy leasd by Gumbo that the named had been changed to The Swamp and we should head to the football field…Nice Try! Strong work and welcome to Mouse Trap, taking on TT on your first post is not easy, but you stayed with it and rocked it, good stuff man! Strong work by all, and even better mumblechatter. This group continues to amaze me, whether it be how fast and strong each of you are or just the sheer fact that you are all an amazing group of men that i’m honored to call friends. Thank you guys for allowing me to lead, have a great day, and reach out to someone you may not have spoken to in a while, it could change their life!



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  1. Nice work guys. Sorry to miss it.

    Modifying from DTH: I got up, I got knocked down again (and fartsacked). Week caught up to me.

    Welcome Mouse Trap! That hill on your first post is worthy of respect.

  2. Orange Crush on

    Good work out and laughs today. Great way to start my day…Thank you Duke and Pak! Welcome to the FNG Mouse Trap.

  3. Early Risers launches from Dogpile at 4:00 am. Come run trails in dark & quiet. Stay for Dogpile

  4. Nice beatdown Marmaduke! Twin Team hill felt the love this morning.

    Been a good week for FNGs…welcome Mouse Trap….keep posting!

  5. Great Q, Duke. Thanks for putting us through the paces. Well done, Mouse Trap, that was a tough first workout. And great naming job by the pax!

  6. I’m amazed with how much ya’ll packed into 45 minutes! Well done Marmaduke! Sorry I missed out but had an early work meeting today – looking forward to Dogpile tomorrow!!!

  7. Do I at least get an “E” for Effort on the name change conspiracy? It was worth a try.

    Great job ‘Duke (I just love the irony of your shortened nickname by the way!). That hill will take all that you have to give, and it did that today. I’m loving my rock-hard abs today from all the LBCs…a few more rounds of that and Gumbo will be posting in a speedo!

    Great fun and great mumblechatter this morning guys. Come for the Fitness…Stay for the Fellowship was certainly on display this morning! Loved it.

  8. Fun times this morning, TwinTeam never disappoints and for an FNG is a rude welcome. Hope to see you back out Mouse Trap. Strong mumblechatter today, glad I still have all my teeth after OC hit the punchline on my way down for a burpee.
    Careful what you wish for Gumbo, we can always head over to the Swamp for a MegaBeast, Millennial or other fun.

  9. Scott Paulis on

    Hey all! Thanks to Goose for the EH to get me out, and thanks for the warm welcome and all the support getting through the super-intense workout on my first post! I knew it would be hard, and it was! While I was probably more mouse than trap today, I managed to escape alive before being done in by the hill! Marmaduke sure had us scurrying (mousey-ing?) all the way to the finish.

    As Bob the Tomato says (who’s clearly never been to an F3 workout): “You roll your dice, you move your mice. Nobody gets hurt.”

    Looking forward to posting again soon with you guys (once the pain stops).

  10. Not sure why that comment didn’t show my F3 name – hopefully it will work right going forward.

  11. Way to go Mouse Trap, it may be best to start off with a more difficult one.

    Great Q, Marmaduke it was like a Sisyphus but in reverse and without cones, so it really wasn’t like a Sisyphus at all.

  12. Bummed I missed a Marmaduke Q, but happy to not do any burpees (even if in celebration)! Welcome Mouse Trap – you should remember your first for a while! Twin team is brutal! See ya boys in the gloom. BTW – 4am on the trails?? Really?