Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

30 for 30


11 warriors rolled into The Creek to take part in some ESPN festivities that went something like this…

Slaughter start with 30 burpees

Mosey to the other side of the parking lot.

COP All IC – 21 SSHs, 13 HRMs, 2 copperhead squats, 3 imperial walkers – Repeat the sequence. Arm circles, don quixotes.

30 for 20 (not enough time for 30)

Mosey to the pavilion, partner up, one partner heads toward the church building, the other partner heads out into the field. Corner 1 – 30 merkins, Corner 2 – 30 LBCs, Corner 3 – 30 squats, Corner 4 – 30 mountain climbers. Go to the pavilion for 30 box jumps, 30 derkins, 30 heels to heaven, 30 alabama prom dates, head to the opposite location and continue the sequence until 20 minutes is completed.

Mosey to the basketball hoops

“The Play” – against Purdue to force overtime

Stay with the same partner. One partner does jump squats while the other sprints across the parking lot to the cell phone tower and back. Switch.

Mosey to the flag.

Broad jump counterclockwise. Stop and do exercises when YHC calls them out – 5 merkins, 20 freddie mercuries.

Numerama, Namerama, Announcements, YHC took us out.


  • The Colonial 70 will be held September 14th. Spit is putting together a team. See link for the sign up sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qlLTi_alBQT6onzkAwtIjdrP0psyoJgAoB4pkfX0oC4/edit?usp=sharing
  • Let’s continue to pray for Wild Thing’s M as she begins treatment to push back cancer this week.

YHC was fired up for this morning’s Q in light of a story that started over a year ago. YHC watched UVA lose to UMBC with a group of friends and some of them were VT fans. One of the Hokies said, “That loss will be a great 30 for 30” and laughed. Without missing a beat, YHC looked at him and said, “The better 30 for 30 will be when UVA comes back and wins the national championship next year.” He laughed… I repeated my statement…

This morning’s beatdown was a chance to try out a 30 for 30 script about this.

YHC began with 30 burpees to start the trend of 30 reps for each exercise. The goal was to help everyone feel like YHC felt after UMBC smashed UVA as the only #16 to beat a #1 seed in the NCAA basketball tournament. Groans abounded…

The COP featured odd numbers of exercises. YHC later revealed that the 21st letter of the alphabet is ‘U’, the 13th letter of the alphabet is ‘M’, the 2nd letter of the alphabet is ‘B’ and the 3rd letter of the alphabet is ‘C’ (the last two are easier to recognize right away than the others). Hence, a little tribute to our UMBC friends up in Maryland.

The original plan was to have 30 minutes of exercise sets with 30 reps. YHC audibled to 20 minutes due to time constraints. The PAX went after it and pushed through it all. Opus took the lead on YHC’s group and was clearly on offense this morning. The exercises under the pavilion were met with groans, especially the box jumps.

Mumble chatter was light for most of the morning. A few of the Hokie fans woke up and Bulkhead fired up the “Go Hokies” cheers. YHC couldn’t resist a counter-punch by saying, “For the next exercise let’s run as fast as possible in that direction… like Buzz Williams running away from VT basketball to Texas A&M…” That was met by the predictable “Your daughters have never seen UVA beat VT in football” (which is true) and other statements that seem to convey a subconscious fear that Fuente is leading the program toward mediocrity in light of a 6-7 record last year and many players transferring away (to ODU?).

The trash talk stopped as the PAX took off to the next exercise. Bulkhead called attention to Ty Jerome’s double-dribble and he was right in that it should have been called and UVA’s season ended.

In the end, the PAX laughed it all off and remembered that we have much more in common than the differences in sports.

We were all brought back to reality as we heard about Wild Thing’s M starting treatment next week to push back against cancer. We all need to come together to support one another and help one another in the real battles of life.

Welcome to WOPR! Scrum brought him this morning. He shared about his work with computers and the reference to the 80s movie War Games came up and the computer (WOPR – War Operation Plan Response)). This isn’t a reference to Burger King but YHC is sure that others will think that at some point.

YHC is grateful for the opportunity to be connected to all of you through F3 and our shared mission to reinvigorate male leadership through fitness, fellowship and faith. Let’s keep pressing on together!

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  1. Great Q Carpenter. As it does pain me to say as a lifelong Tech fan, congrats to your Wahoos.

    Welcome WOPR! Hope to see you out again soon


  2. Well done The Carpenter! I don’t ever watch basketball, but did this past week. Finally I understood what was going on this time. That was a brutal workout. THANK YOU!