Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Type 2 fun


With most of F3’s faithful unable to shake off the fart sack from too much basketball and beer, 3 noble warriors bucked the trend for some punishment on RVA’s finest trails.

With no one sure who had the Q and the clock hitting 7am, the PAX took off across the Boulevard Bridge for a 6-7 mile route following the Buttermilk and North Bank trails.

Name-a-rama. YHC took us out in prayer.

NMS. It was great running with Tonka and Flipper as I got to know these 2 great dudes much better. Our conversation ran the gamut from the differences between road running and trail running, how our wives balance us out, the the beauty of crossing Potterfield bridge at sunrise, and how you can’t out-exercise poor eating. We also discussed the concept of Type 1 vs. Type 2 fun. Type 1 fun is enjoyable while it’s happening (cornhole on the beach, happy hour, a boys weekend away, watching UVA win). Type 2 fun sucks while it’s happening, but fun in retrospect (BRR, running a marathon, almost any F3 workout, Rucking, the Murph, The Barkley Marathons).

Today was Type 2 fun and at each challenge these studs soldiered through. Tonka embodied the F3 spirit that I have come to love, stating We started as a group and we’re going to finish as a group. Even when it costs you. Even when it means you take the longer route. Even when it means you run at a faster pace than normal. Bro Code.

See ya in the gloom for some more Type 2 fun!



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  1. I was more like Type 2 Diabetes… sweet at first but then the aftermath really sucks… thanks for hanging with 2 broken down dudes Oli… the thing I’m learning is all this talking and sharing feelings while you run really makes you have to manage your breathing… lots of air sucking between words. Thanks Tonka and Olivander… and TYA on your epic morning run!

  2. Tyler Charles on

    Enjoyed the run gents. It was a shame we didn’t get into the business venture idea of the virtual gynecological exam with Dr. Flipper

    Also, props to TYA who was out running the trails at 4:30am and finished after we did.