Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Squirrels Were Merry and Swirly Can’t Stop at 10


Birds were chirping, Dogwoods in bloom, and the Squirrels were Merry today. Thirty-five Pax were merry as well, as least in the beginning.

Mosey to the second circle for COP:

  • Don Quixote
  • Helicopters
  • SSH
  • Crabcakes
  • Scorpion Kicks

Over to the Grand Field to get down to business. Bro Code in effect for Ascending 4 Corners. Elbow planks for the six.

  • Corner 1 – 10 Hand Release Merkins
  • Corner 2 – Karaoke the length of the field, 10 Hand Release Merkins, 20 four count American Hammers
  • Corner 3 – Bear Crawl the width of the field, 10 Hand Release Merkins, 20 four count American Hammers. 30 four count Flutter Kicks
  • Corner 4 – Karaoke the length of the field, 10 Hand Release Merkins, 20 four count American Hammers. 30 four count Flutter Kicks, 40 two count Mountain Climbers

Partner up for 3 sets of 20 Wilson’s Boxing Cockroaches.

Form two columns and space out with 5 feet of separation for a Caterpillar. The six bunny hops over the Pax to the front. Three times through.

Form a Tunnel of Love and commando crawl back the other way – three times through.

Partner up again for 3 sets of 20 PLTs.

Go to the end of the field for triple check.

  • Partner 1 runs the length of the field and back
  • Partners 2 and 3 perform Plerkins

Mosey over to the first circle for Mary Ring of Fire. Pax chooses an ab exercise of 10 reps, leads the Pax in that exercise, and passes to the left. Except for Swirly who did 50 or 60. Exercises included.

  • Rosalitas
  • LBCs
  • Reverse Crunches
  • Freddie Mercuries
  • Left leg lifts, Right leg lifts
  • Holding 6 inches

Back to the Flag where YHC took us out.


  • See preblast for this Wednesday’s HDHH at Palani Drive following the Roller Coaster run. Kubota is on point.
  • Face Plant vq @ Spider Run on Tuesday



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  1. Well done.

    That triple check takes a special type of torso that is still a work in progress for this hombre. Beware the derkins and the planking.

    Nice to partner with Bodo’s, Saab, Duke, and Handshake.

  2. Great Q Lockjaw! Nice mix of ground and pound with some running.

    Nice to partner with Oyster, Garbage Plate, Pavarotti and Lockjaw!

  3. Plerkins are tough, but when your 3rd man is running for 2 minutes ouch. Safe travels to those pax heading out for spring break.

  4. Great Q, Lockjaw. Shoulders: smoked. The icing on that particular cake was coming home to an excited boy who wanted to throw the baseball. Not my best stuff.

  5. My shoulders are smoked from yesterday, the Plerkin/Plank is a beast. Thanks to Upchuck, Marmaduke, Garbage Plate, and Bodo’s for partnering.

  6. For those that insist on placing your legs on the lower back of your partner during plerkins… please tell your partner that Holland Family Chiropractic opens at 9:00 am on Monday

  7. Well then, I’m sure Saab will be calling you. My fault, Saab. I was wondering why you had a grimace on your face the whole time my feet were digging into your lower back.