Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Opening Day


The greener pastures of GridIron greeted a starting 9 including our good buddy from Charlotte. Here’s the unofficial box score:

THANG: SSHs, IWs, DQs, APDs, Pan Pax 8-ct BBs, Suzanne Somers, all IC; run to the Pillars of Pain for Chatanooga Choo Choo southbound; slalom the PofP and planks; run to the Battery and form PAX SplitSquad (Squad 1 run to Tunnel, x100 Merkins OYO, and run back/Squad 2 x200 Merkins OYO, x200 APDs OYO, and x200 Air Squats OYO); regroup at the Battery for RLeg Rear Lunge, AirSquats, and LLeg Rear Lunge, Karaoke Left, Karaoke Right, and Backward Runs; ambulate to the nearby Diamond for Home and Visitor dugout benches for StepUps OYO and Dips OYO rinse and repeat x3; run to Blacktop for Chattanooga Choo Choo northbound; run to PofP and planks; engage individual Pillars for Angle of Repose recovery followed by Pillar Seats, Pillar Smokers OYO, and APDs IC, rinse and repeat; slalom the PofP and plank; APDs, AirSquats, and [something else], all IC; and run back to Parking Lot.

COT: Numberama and Namearama, No announcements, and Strong Closing Prayer of Gratitude by PigSkin.

MOLESKIN: The starting 9 enjoyed extra innings at Einsteins where lively and far reaching discussion ensued.

It’s a special day when PigSkin joins the PAX; it’s extra special when we know he’s here visiting his two children and their families and celebrating the third birthday of PigSkin III. Enjoy the weekend and safe travels home!

Frivolity broke out during one of the APD IC exercises at the Pillars of Pain. Inspired by tales of a new favorite hotspot for one of the PAX, Attila and Johnsonville (and others) enhanced the cadence by verbalizing an antibiotic on every fourth count. Were the Plaid Skirts present they would have been impressed with PigSkin’s masterful command of number counting in various foreign languages, not so much with the pharmacy offerings.

Several of the PAX gladly accepted the invite to Q some of the exercises – excellent leadership by all three; we’ll follow you anytime and look forward to your VQs!

ChumBucket led the hard chargers on the Tunnel dash and for recovery offered his Green Deal in the form of Al Gores between the StepUps and Dips.

Adderall declined the Green Deal and instead recovered with fence hanging horizontal leg holds. Impressively, amidst a run (and sans his usual Restrictor Plate) Adderall nearly crowned his noggin on the basketball hoop.

Quest and ByProduct talked up a day hike, perhaps Old Rag. Given their strong efforts at GridIron I expect a fast pace. Standby for more as they take the Q mantle on this adventure.

Tater continues to set a high bar at GridIron and inspires the PAX – well done. And the PAX were encouraged to hear that the criteria for higher education for one of Tater’s spuds was the absence of safe spaces.

PigSkin departed the fellowship to get a jump on the BDay celebration; he was followed by Adderall and Chum who embarked on a 20 mile training run; the remaining six eventually departed with more modest plans, including, for at least one, a solid nap after yard work.


Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 (NIV)


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  1. Great to see Earthworm on the Q. Looks like you delivered a strong welcome back beatdown.