Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Will we ever grow up?


Nine men ventured forth into a chilly spring morning to let iron sharpen iron.

COP: No COP, we’re doing the Murph! Mile run around the perimeter of the school, then straight into the fun. 100 snatches, 200 sit up presses, 300 goblet squats, run another mile if you have the time (only 2 did).

NMS: We found out a few things this morning

  1. Helix is the kind of doctor that doesn’t help people.
  2. Bulkhead continues to workout on the fringe, today due to Rounder’s 4th F efforts.
  3. Mudface has decreed that every 4th F means 10 burpees. This could get very bad…
  4. However, Mudface has raised Chewy well, as he kept working when the rest of the PAX stopped, had to get in that last set.
  5. Rounders is stealthy when he runs, wonder where he learned that?
  6. Some of us don’t keep track of numbers with the Murph, ’cause we’ll never finish it.
  7. No matter how old we get, farts, poop and pee are always funny to men. Always!

Thanks for leading, Mudface! As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing.


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  1. Great workout Mud Face! Always surprised by all the running! Thanks! (nice write up No Idea)