Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Substitute Hot Potato


16 of RVA’s best men skipped an extra hour of the fartsack to show up at NoToll to get better. Dr. Tryhard has been stricken with the plague and unfortunately could not fill his Q slot for today but that was just fine since there are plenty of men to step in and fill the void.

YHC took the lead to start and after a short mosey to the parking lot, informed the PAX of the intent to Hot Potato. Warm-up with some SSH, IW, Peter Parker, Mountain Climbers, Alternating Shoulder Taps and LBC.

Quick 4 corners in the parking lot with 5 burpees, 10 HRM, 20 Jump Squats and 30 Freddie Mercurys

Orange Crush (he hasn’t been around long but there is a rumor that he led some workouts in a previous life). Continue 4 corners with 5 burpees, 10 Copperhead Squats, 20 HRM, 40 LBC.

Don Draper – Forest to Sea. Bear transitions to a crab. Bear crawl half width of field, 5 burpees, crab walk the rest, 5 burpees. Mosey around the field to the parking lot. Partner 4 corners 10 boo-yah merkins, partner carry/karaoke to next corner, 10 boo-yah, 20 PLT; Corner 3 add 20 partner shrugs each; Corner 4 add 40 squats (total). Lunge back to the six.

Tobit – Mosey toward the cars but, realizing we had a little more time, turn and take a full lap around all fields. Honeymoon may have been whispering in his ear a little. Back to the basketball court for Mary – lots of Dollies, Rosalitas and American Hammers.

Count/Name/Wilson took us out with his usual conversational style.

Viral has a Richmond Toolbank tour coming up soon, see him for more info.

Some new blood in the HP today. Orange Crush was a little hesitant, more about the exercise names than the actual work. Look forward to more out of him. Draper was ready with something straight from the Exicon. Partner carries always elicits some groans, especially from those in the silent or respect years, today was no different. Tobit’s just getting warmed up for his NoToll Q next week, he has gotten the last of the HP at a couple workouts recently and crushed us with Mary.

Tclaps to Honeydo for organizing the GrowRuck and the other 42 PAX for completing 14+ hours of CSAUP. YHC is looking forward to hearing more about the GrowRuck and lessons learned from the PAX that participated.


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  1. Sorry to miss a Hot Potato and definitely can’t wait for VQs from Orange Crush, Bullseye and Don Draper. Draper should be due soon right?

    Great to see Nancy Lopez back in the gloom so quickly after Saturday’s induction. Never too early to pump the golf tournament and this year Nancy Lopez ACTUALLY will be there.

  2. Honeymoon did have my ear when the sharp left turn was made that took us on a lap around all fields…just for you Wilson.

    Always enjoy the variety of a good hot potato. Great to get a flavor of an Orange Crush and Don Draper Q this morning….looking forward to those VQs!

  3. Way to work this morning fellas! All Qs brought it today! Hope you get better soon DTH!

  4. Tobit……………when I catch you…..LOL! I loved everything about today’s workout (not really the running, but i need it). It was awseome being led by some new fellas. See yall in the gloom soon!

  5. Hey Fellas, Thanks for stepping in with such high quality routines – was super bummer to miss my 6 month anniversary Q, but I’ll be coming back with a venence soon!