Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hot Heartbreak Potato


4 strong showed up for a gusty Heartbreak Ridge adventure this morning. Hot Potato Q went like this:

Fireman Ed — Warmup lap on the track followed by SSH x15 & DQ x 10 to get moving. Dora with 100 x box jumps, 200 x squats, 300 x flutters. Mosey to the playground and partner up for two rounds of 8x jerkins & pull-ups.

Handshake — Mosey to the parking lot exit for curb crawl ascending to 10 merkins. Follow up with 3x 20 of Willson Dying Cockroaches.

Seymore – Mosey to the football field for 5x burp-ups on the goal post, run to the other end and repeat x4. That was enough.

Garbage Plate – Mosey to the loading dock for 2x of 30 dips followed by 30 WWII. Followup with Rosalita and FK session to wrap up the morning.

Announcements – Props to those who completed the weekend goruck adventure!

Seymore closed out the morning. Well done gents!


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