Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

113 Squats, 15+ miles, 2 Logs, and finish with a WOD


43 PAX from across the F3 Nation came out to Dogwood Dell on Saturday night to find out the answer to the question on everyone’s mind: Would we be getting in the James River? Turns out the answer was no but we did the following:

Muster Up in Amphitheater for admin stuff: Roll call, Ruck inspection (apparently TYA’s unabridged version of War & Peace is 30 lbs) and assign team leader of Cowbell. Move over to field next to dogpark and form squads. Mess up #1 rewarded us with 113 Ruck Squats. Some more warm up, secure coupons, and other Drill & Formation practice for PAX. Then head down to Trails start.

Trails down to Texas Beach, stop at river for some lessons on movement, mission & men focus, then head back to finish trail. Here PAX was tasked with mission of creating their own 6 word statement that defines them. Start thinking about it and all would have to share overnight.

Along way we found a wonderful log. Stop for Water break and Log PT practice at Hollywood Cemetery opening. Finish up Ruck over to Tredegar. Drop coupons and make our way in various forward exercises up to VA War Memorial. Stop and soak that in. Then several PAX shared their 6 word statement. Mosey back down to bottom, closer to water but instead we went across to Belle Isle. Rucked around the island. Then given our first time hack: 35 minutes to get to State Capital. PAX arrived at Capital with 2 minutes to spare. Then on to St. Johns Church in Churchill. Along way we were given 2nd time hack. Make it to the Church in 18 minutes.

Arrive at St. Johns on time. Linus read Patrick Henry’s speech. Very moving, then Puffs fell over. Luckily he just locked his legs and he soldiered through. Then it was on to Libby Hill park, some litter practice, and back Browns Island via Canal street. Cross the new footbridge and up and back on trails.

Then Linus threw some adversity at us and we had to carry 2 PAX on Riverside for about a mile. Catch Sunrise and Bono led us in the 5 Whys and back on the trails. Crossed over Nickel bridge wondering what was left back at Dogpile. The answer: Robbie Miller WOD – modified. 7 Rounds of: Run Carillon field and back then 6 Reps each of: Ruck Thrusters, Ruck Burpees, and Ruck GetUps. Finish up with closing and Patching.

NMS – Hard to write a reasonable Moleskin of a 15 hour event. What stood out: F3 guys are awesome no matter where they are from. YHC hung out with PAX from ENC, Lanco, Pittsburg, The Capital, Memphis, and more and every man gave 100%. No GreyMan to be found anywhere.

The PAX thought they were lucky because they stayed dry, however rucking with Coupons, gear, and Logs on the Trail system is no joke. Even more difficult in the dark. Although the out of towners are now all envious of our great trail loop.

The time downtown with the city streets empty was great. Stops at the VA War Memorial, the real VA Capital, and St. Johns were hopefully appreciated and YHC recommends reading Patrick Henry’s famous speech again, the whole thing as it is much more than the last line we all know.

The last section of stress from Linus taught YHC to not start celebrating when you can see the finish line, be sure to finish the race strong. Great lesson. The Sunrise on the James was fantastic and energized the PAX for the last push. The finish with the Robbie Miller was likely the hardest thing YHC has done in F3 – totally spent and tired then take on a grueling 30 minute test at the very end. Great chance to show you how much further you can push past your normal limits. Again another reason every man in F3 should take on a CSAUP at least annually.

Breakfast at ETs was great to close out the whole weekend. YHC thanks all those who took this on, from RVA and out of town. Viral, Fireman Ed, and Doomsday for shadowing and documenting what we did. Again too much to name everyone so YHC just says thanks.

As for YHC’s 6 word mantra: Give Grace, Accept Grace, Live Humbly. Think about what yours might be or better yet what TYA’s was.


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  1. Thanks to Bono, Slaughter, and Dredd for putting the Growruck weekend format together.

  2. Thanks for organizing a great event HD.

    Bible-My Foundation
    Girls-My inpsiration
    Dogs-Everyone knows about me and dogs
    Hard-Never take the easy way, only the Right Way

    Great job men.

    Circle K

  3. Honeydo – thank you for writing this back blast and bringing this event to RVA. Though I’m still recovering in some ways I am proud of what we did and glad we did it.

    I want to invite out of town Pax to come run the trails without rucks – it’s a lot of fun.

    Honored to have gone through this with you guys.

    I also want to emphasize my gratitude to the followers, the Cadre leader, and the men of F3 who helped organize this event.

    Come back sometime soon and join us at Dogpile or another AO, we’d love to have all of you back.

  4. What an amazing experience that I will never forget. Thanks Honey Do for getting this all set up here in RVA.

    Some of the most challenging moments for me were: lifting the 20 ft logs (twice), The Robbie Miller WOD, the mental challenges near the end, and being throw into the Team Lead and having to pull 42 other guys together quickly.

    6 Words: Passionate Father That Overcomes His Past – This means I do my best everyday to be a better example of a father (and husband) than the example that was set for me.

    Great job F3 RVA and Hampton Roads!

  5. This was an epic event. Cannot wait to see the fruits of this weekend. #Tclaps to Honey Do, Bono, Dredd, and Slaughter for putting this together.

  6. Yes, lessons abounded. Tclaps for HoneyDo for organizing men from 8 regions who resisted every attempt at organizing (including/especially me!). The Cadre did an excellent job mapping out a route – the visitors got to see the best of Richmond. It was cool to play tour guide and to know exactly where we were, but I can only imaging the experience of those who were seeing the trails, river, Virginia War Memorial, etc., etc. for the first time. The deer even greeted us at Belle Isle. There were murmurs and questions about the Breakfast Club entrance through the night and through breakfast Sunday morning – way to represent F3RVA! My essay said something about optimization, of course!