Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sweet 16


7 Veterans and 1 FNG descended upon the hills of Forrest Hill Park to celebrate Virginia Tech’s glorious victory and berth in the Sweet 16.

Here is how it went down, more or less.

Mosey about 10 steps to warmup and pick up stragglers. All IC: SSH x 16, Helicopters x 16, Don Quixote x 16, LBC x 16, Merkins x 15 (yes Q screwed that count up)

Mosey through the pit and down the Hill of Ill Repute only to discover all the lights around the pond were off. Well, we need to get back up the hill so partner up, 1 man runs to pit and back while other alternates between lunges and bear crawl.

In the pit, switch partners. While 1 man runs up to the top the other performs Dips. Switch to decline Merkins the second time through.

Mosey to the top for a DORA in the SOJ Farmers Market lot, which was about the only place the lights were on this morning. 116 x Merkins, 216 x squats, 316 x LBC

Mosey back to Stone House for Partner Leg Toss. 4 sets of, you guess it, 16.

Curb crawls on the street, bear crawl to far curb, 1 incline merkin, crawl bear back to first curb, 2 decline merkins…repeato at 5 and back down

Merkin ring of fire, 5 x PAX choice, different variation than PAX before.

Mary, all IC: 2 count Flutter Kicks x 25, APD x 25, WW2 x 25.

Announcements: Go Hokies!

NMS: Great work out there today, men. The lack of lights threw YHC a curve, but we managed. Thanks for the opportunity to lead. We saw over the weekend that there are multiple ways to give men that opportunity, and I am grateful for the path Bleeder, Swirly, and many others have chosen to do so. May we all have the strength and wisdom to remember those roots as we carry on the goodness that is F3RVA.

We welcomed a new member to our tribe, Upgrade, who absolutely crushed it this morning. Upgrade is a recent VMI grad, from Richmond, who likes to run, lift, and has spent some time with SEAL team. YHC threw out the name “Gump” which landed with a thud. Someone called out “Upgrade!”, which Hardywood pointed out was perfect as Gump needed an upgrade and the dude is young and in good shape already and an upgrade to the PAX….so the legend goes. Welcome Upgrade!


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  1. Well done fellas. Welcome Upgrade – always great to welcome another Keydet to the PAX.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great job Sugar Sock – thanks for leading today.
    Welcome Upgrade – Gomer this is the dude you EH’d at ET’s the other day – well done brother..
    Way to work guys – excellent way to start the week.
    See y’all in the gloom…

  3. Way to bring the pain on a Monday morning Sugar Sock! Very well done sir and great words. Welcome Upgrade! Make it a great one fellas.