Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Just a Normal Morning


3 years ago, YHC rolled into his first F3 workout and this morning he led another one with 8 other warriors and it went down like this…

Mosey around the church building

COP All IC – 50 SSHs, arm circles, 10 don quixotes, 20 hand-release merkins (HRMs), 25 LBCs, 20 crab cakes

Mosey to the corner of the building

Four Corners – 10 merkins at the first corner, 20 merkins at the second corner, 30 merkins at the third corner, 40 merkins at the fourth corner.

Four Corners again – 10 WWII sit-ups at the first corner, 20 WWII sit-ups at the second corner, 30 WWII sit-ups at the third corner, 40 WWII sit-ups at the fourth corner.

Bear / Crab 11s – 11s with LBCs and HRMs. Bear crawl in one direction across the parking lot and Crab Walk in the other direction.

Mosey to the flag

MOM All IC – 20 freddie mercuries, 20 american hammers, 10 flutter kicks

Numberama, Namerama, Announcements, YHC took us out.


YHC can’t believe that it has been 3 years since he showed up to his first F3 workout at DaVille led by Circle K. The years have flown by and they would not have been the same without F3 and the PAX in the picture.

YHC has been wrestling with a stubborn cough for the last 9 days. YHC wasn’t going to miss this morning no matter what!

The PAX had a HIGH amount of mumble chatter during the COP. One of the reasons was YHC’s strained voice that had a hard time calling out cadence. Spit and Opus were catching up on life, trading soup recipes, commenting on Kasmir, wondering about the volcanoes in Japan, musing about the role of Canada in world politics, comparing shoes and a seemingly a million other subjects… until YHC called for 20 HRMs IC and that seemed to quiet them down… for a minute.

The four corners was supposed to be a “normal” four corners but the description brought out a groan from the PAX. YHC realized part way through that the PAX was throwing down 100 merkins over the course of the four corners tour and that wasn’t anything to joke about. YHC called for another four corners but the PAX seemed relieved to do WWII sit-ups instead of merkins. Spit paced the PAX even with only going with a partial effort in light of the big RUCK weekend.

The 11s are always more fun with Bear crawls and Crab walks. Some of the PAX changed to lunges. Not Opus. He pushed through the whole thing. Wild Thing took no prisoners as well. Mudface did a fantastic job of leading his 2.0 in proper form and tenacity. Yardsale had some more commentary during the 11s about the college “entrance” crisis. Wheelie is a beast too. AND Rounders… Don’t mess with that brother. He will destroy you.

This morning was a blast and every F3 morning brings out the best in everyone. I am truly grateful for the gift of F3 – the workouts, the friendships, everything. Let’s keep this rolling!!!

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  1. Great Q Carpenter! Congrats on the 3 years! Thanks for inviting me just a few months after you started.