Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

4th Annual March Madness


24 dancers assembled in the rainy gloom for an experience as close to one shining moment as they will get. This was the 4th iteration of this novelty, AKA The Gheorghe Murisan Classic. Here is how it went down, give or take a few “you get the ideas…”

Mosey single-file over the the illuminated hoops court for layup drill. 4 left handed then 2 right handed before lining up military style on the court. Instructions were followed and off we went.

Invisible Jump Ropes x20 (nice Fletch touch Gumbo)
Don Quixote’s x10
High Knees x20
Butt Kickers x15
Defensive slide with floor slap x10

Mosey to the end line for a quick line drill followed by a tribute to 3 of the 5 Virginia schools playing in the tournament. Mix in a few line drills in-between specials.

Kyle Guy Special
Pair up and complete 106 merkins, 1 for every three he has hit (so far) this year.

The Justin… wait for it… Robinson
1347 total points in his career. 13 burpees followed by 47 single count lunges. We stopped b/c I said so.

The Marcus Santos-Silva Rebound Special
338 total rebounds in his career so 33 two-count mountain climbers followed by 8 Lt. Dans.

Tip Drill. It worked this time, except no one can follow directions. Anyway, that was kind of fun. Saab would have loved it.

Form 2 teams for some risk/reward. Choose one person from your team to shoot, if they make it your team does said amount of merkins and other team does burpees. If you miss it your team does burpees and the other team does merkins. 5 merkins / 3 burpees for layup. 10 merkins / 6 burpees for free throw. 15 merkins / 9 burpees for 3 pointer. My team won, mostly because of Vinny’s banked in 3 pointer.

Try the 1-1 challenge again. 4 attempts this time around? BT made the front-end one round and was the only free throw made. Lots of burpees, merkins, and squats.

Form 6 teams of 4. See, math works! Two full court basketball games with two teams sitting out doing WWIIs. If your team wins you stay. Losers bump out. I think we made it through 4 games of about 3 minutes a piece. One game was called after YHC hit the game winner. What, you didn’t see the clock?

Mosey back to the VSF where YHC took us out.

YHC was a little nervous that no one would show today as the weather was brutal for outdoor basketball. Nonetheless, we all adjusted and hopefully had a good time. Kudos to Vinny and Gumbo for sporting themed jerseys, Gheorghe Murisan and Fletch respectively. Wasn’t Murisan a Bullet?

We always manage to have just the right number of people for a great series of games. One of these days we will play in the daylight.


  • Big weekend this weekend. HH Friday at TCB on Douchee (sic Viral).
  • Bracketology is up. Get your bracket in by noon and pay me your $10. Bragging rights up for grabs!

Big Data is always watching!



  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Love this Q look forward to popping 3’s all year long…
    Glad everyone stayed upright and injury free. It’s always dark but the rain was double bonus..
    Great job Splinter !
    Loved the Fletch jersey Gumbo ! Does this next exercise have anything to do with me dressing up as little bo peep ? 🙂
    See y’all in the gloom.

  2. Sorry Splinter, but historical accuracy requires me to correct your spelling here. My man’s last name is Muresan. And yes, he was a Bullet. In fact, he never suited up for the Wizards, although he was on the team when the name transition took place. Shortly after starring in the greatest example of cinematography ever, My Giant, he signed with the Nets. He was NBA MIP during the 1995-96 campaign. Bonus points if you know which college he played for and what college his son currently plays for.

    Great fun as always. Team Muresan went 3-0. Chalk. I might steal some version of this for some summer / daylight fun.

  3. A blast as always. And why not add to the fun of playing in the dark with rain and puddles on the court.
    I learned that you definitely want Gumbo running point on your team, must be those catcher instincts.

  4. Fair enough. I was mostly concerned with the correct spelling of his first name and didn’t care as much as the last name.

    3-0 is solid. Team TYA was 1-1-1 I believe. We gave bleeder the win in the tiebreaker simply for hitting the rim.

  5. Great Q Splinter! As a group we routinely dodge traffic, run in the dark and do all kinds of exercises with potential dangers. However, getting passed a black basketball in the dark on a slick surface with a bunch of middle aged men is by far the most dangerous thing we do.

  6. There’s only one way to spell Gheorghe. With two h’s. Well done. P.S. Gheorghe may join us next year. If so, he can come early and put up the rim lights.

  7. Always one of my favorite Qs of the year and the rain did nothing to stop that – just step carefully and keep your hands up and ready to protect your face. Our shooting skills, however, don’t seem to improve from year to year…Mr. Muresan-Vinny notwithstanding of course.

    Until next year…I’ll be practicing my layups.

    @Swirl-Y – great quote – Mister Nugent…Ted Nugent.

    Using the whole fist, Doc?

  8. Great work Splinter. Team Bleeder rules: bounce passes only, shoot as soon as possible, watch out for Wilson’s bear hug fouls.
    Work on the 3’s Gumbo, not layups, as Vinny showed, that’s where the $$ is.

  9. If it weren’t for an assignment that had me working well into the night, you would have been graced with my supreme ball handling prowess…and keen ability to follow directions.

    See you all next year.

  10. Very cool today, fellas. Nice Q. “Enough of that.”

    Who doesn’t love suicides on a 50’ court?