Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Look out for the traffic


13 rambunctious warriors bolted out of the fartsack this morning to take a quick jog.

Route was up the hill to the main entrance, right up the hill to Cary, back down the hill to the main entrance, up Boatright to three chopt. Repeat as many times as possible.

Traffic was heavy this morning. Especially on Boatright. YHC had to bail out to the woods a couple of times. The route was great as it had good elevation change and was a mile end to end. Last week during spring break would have been the time to hit this route.

Epic “fight” between Marv and Hardywood post workout. Hardywood started it out by mocking game announcers. Marv hit back hard with a whining rendition of Hardywood talking about selling shoes. It was classic, but as Flatline says, only those who post can understand.

Late crowd today. 4 people in the lot with two minutes to launch. But the crowd did post.



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  1. Its simple but a great route if you have a headlamp. Lets do it again. With a light.

    Unless you are one, Stereotyped groups to avoid exchanging verbal barbs include
    Sports announcers, esp color
    Women hailing from New Jersey

  2. Great to run with Splinter, BT and Bleeder today! To be clear Marv is my favorite announcer. I also appreciate his rigorous defense of his colleagues.