Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Burpee Curveball


9 standup men of the West End of RVA posted in colder-than-expected temps on this Tuesday to tackle the gloom. The Q rolled in hot, and the pax took off toward the track. Here is the summary of what happened… more or less.

Mosey around the track to the grassy end near the road for warmup COP: Invisible jump rope x20, Russian Soldiers x15, Imperial Walkers x15, Kickbacks x15, Merkins (slow all the way up, slow all the way down) x8

Mosey to the football field for the Beast. At at least 2 plank-o-ramas somewhere in here: LBCs, Merkins, Flutter Kicks, Lunges, Burpees. (SURPRISE!), Helix Squats

Mosey to the far side of the track for arms work. Do each of the following 3x in rotation: Jerkins x10, Bench dips x20, Bench kicks x20

Mosey back to the start for Mary: Hello Dolly x20, Freddie Mercury x20, APD (slow) x20, Elbow plank 1 min

NMS: A pleasure to be back in the Q chair with this excellent group at HR this morning! The Goose household’s germ warfare made winter rough and it took awhile to get back into shape enough have the breath to lead (while of course having enough energy to chide Handshake along the way).

YHC did not expect to have to scrape ice from the windshield — that little spot I cleared to see through the neighborhood thankfully expanded from the defroster within a minute or two.

Before the starting gun, the Q’s plan was a loose set of priorities – use the field after almost 2 wks of no heavy rain, get some arms work in, and make sure to insert some core work. The two items that did not make the cut when all was said and done were hill work and block party. You can bet those will be part of the menu in the near future. That football field is fantastic when we can actually use it, almost as good as a NoToll field. Hopefully 2019 will be a little more moderate with the rain so that we can continue to enjoy that turf.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: GroRuck and Dogpile both at 7am on Sat with Dredd from Charlotte. Happy Hour @Triple Crossing on Fri 6pm. Pray for Roger Roger’s father in law (Lee)


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  1. Good to see you fantastic gentlemen this morning in the gloom. Oh, and thanks for the slow clap, Handshake!

  2. There was some pax wondering where our Q was at 5:28 but you rolled in ready to go, Circle K style.
    Nice to use the field for the Beast. Now no more below freezing until November.

  3. Sorry to miss it – got knocked down by the plague as of yesterday PM – hoping for recovery in time to enjoy the Dredd Q on Sat AM. Prayers appreciated.

  4. FYI for those who have been praying for me with my job situation thanks, received great news today. The Lord is just and good!