Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I will not talk in line. I will not talk in line.


Nine regulars posted for Saturday’s installment of GridIron. We formed our start-up circle there in the Pouncey Tract Park parking lot and got to it with Invisible Jump Ropes x 40, Imperial Walkers x 15, Don Quixotes x 15, Russian Soldiers x 15, Merkins x 10, Rosalitas x 20, and some Arm Circles.

Mosey across the Tomahawks’ home field to reach the north driveway for Short Pump Middle School. Nearest the intersection with Pouncey Tract Road, we completed 11s with Curb Toe Taps and Freddie Mercuries (both two count) – perhaps a poor explanation of what we were about to do led to several questions. Saunter eastward down the driveway and grab some more curb for Curb Crawls – Decline Merkins from one up to six and back down to one with Bear Crawls back and forth across the road – perhaps a poor explanation of what we were about to do led to several questions.

Slight move again and group up for a Triple Check – taking turns with an Elbow Plank, something else we did right there in the road (Weinke-less workout for YHC – do you remember?), and a jog down past the bleachers and back. Three rounds, of course.

Prepared to line up for an Indian Run-style movement, but there were more questions, so we hit the grass for 15 Burpees. Clarity followed the Burpees as we transitioned, in place, to a mobile Imperial Walker for a short distance for a Lindsay – 40 reps total, starting with 30 Carolina Dry Docks and 10 Squats and adjusting 5 reps each round until completion of 10 / 30.

Mobile Russian Soldier further down the driveway to the hillside. Start with 10 downhill-facing Burpees and 50 uphill-aiming LBCs. Each round, lop off one Burpee and 5 LBCs, finishing following 6 Burpees and 30 LBCs.

Mosey to the bus shelter and grab a post – hold People’s Chair for 10 seconds. Release and back westward to the next open pole for Pole Smokers x 10. Up and move to the next open pole for 10 x Diamond Merkins. Repeat until out of poles. Finish on the sidewalk with White Deer-recommended final set of Diamond Merkins.

Jog back to the start for a couple of minutes of stretching followed by the COT and Attila took us out. Quest and Adderall – missed you guys. While we’re at it, where are you Nightcrawler?

Check f3rva.org for details on DogPile with 7 AM start and special guest on 3/23. There still may be a GridIron that morning – stay tuned.


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