Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Last flight to my first flight as the pax soar over heartbreak ridge



Since my last flight was 1300 miles home on a weather reroute. The PAX soared over Heartbreak ridge with 1300 thangs in an expertly timed fashion. We all know it’s not cool to be late for you’re flight. DTH almost missed the flight. The door was closing when he mosied up to the fuselage. Today was my fIrst flight at heartbreak ridge and also my VQ. I thought we should commemorate today’s journey with my last flight. Today we will incorporate 1300 thangs in the gloom! Here’s how it went:

Mosey to COP #1:
Flag out front
11 was the number: Helicopters, don quioxtes, arm circles forward and back, burpos in cadence,

Mosey to COP #2:
Strolled into the fuselage of the metal rusty covering where Partner 1 did 200 SSH and 125 flutter kicks while partner 2 ran backwards and sprinted back to partner 1
Followed that up with 200 jump squats and 125 plank jacks while partner 2 ran the fuselage

Mosey to COP #3:
Basketball wall- hang invisible chair
We repeated our numbers 125 and 200 to complete 125 merkins 200 WW2s while partner 2 runs the em route section of our flight today
We Followed up with 125 burpees and descended into 200 hello dollies for 1.5 minutes to landing back at the flag.

Announcerama (see Comments)
YHC took us out in Prayer


A couple of folks asked what’s a sortie and the mumble chatter started when I said first flight as it was my first solo flight in F3. A sortie is a mission and we accomplished it in today’s beatdown. Thanks for putting up with me today as it was truly one to remember!


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  1. Great job Roger Roger. Those 125 Burpees at the end were exhausting. Thanks for Don Draper for partnering.

    Great VQ!

  2. Thanks handshake! Thanks for coming out this morning. We kept it moving today. Mr. Holland nice work as my wingman.

  3. Sounds like it was a smooth take off and landing. Congrats Roger Roger. I’ll catch your next flight.

  4. Solid VQ Roger Roger, well done! To EF Hutton – it was mostly smooth sailing, but those 125 burpees brought on some turbulence, and Gumbo almost needed a “sick bag” before landing.

    Fun to get over to HBR and see some new faces. Always great partnering with HoneyDo.

    See you fellas soon. Welcome to Q sheet Roger Roger!

  5. Great looking VQ and beatdown, Roger Roger! I’ll try to make your next Q, but only if you wear your Pilot’s Uniform.

  6. Outstanding Q Roger Roger; a smooth take off for sure. 125 burpees caused some turbulence. Way to crush it Shakedown. Make it a great one fellas!!

  7. Great VQ Roger Roger. Howler (my 2.0) and I enjoyed it, though I am glad the form police did not see his burpees. Howler will sleep well tonight.

  8. Much respect to Howler for (a) waking up and (b) crushing that beatdown. Definitely wasn’t kid friendly…or, hell, human friendly. I HURT ALL OVER…

  9. Ronnie, Thanks for bringing the 2.0 out. I will edit the post and get his F3 name correct. Sorry about that! Enjoyed it today!

  10. Well done Roger Roger. Welcome to yet another club. Looking forward to catching the next flight.