Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lugnut is crushing it


8 runners stood around in the gloom at 0529 wondering which way to go. No one had a specific plan so we decided on old faithful. Tarrington Loop and around the school to finish. Radar was concerned about not having run much recently so he turned back early. Gumbo and Doozy coming off illnesses were steady through the hills. Orange Crush is an SOJ regular with neighbor Bullseye now. Wedding Singer has not done that hill in a while and said he could tell. The real story is Lugnut who has been absolutely crushing it, check Big Data from 2/1/19 on and he is tied with Swirly and Vinny (once I post this). He put in almost 8 miles yesterday with the Sunday Funday crew and was back out today for 4+. Don’t think it didn’t go unnoticed that he went his normal route 4 mile route and made it back to the flag in about 40 min and kicked some extra mileage around the bus loop.

Well done today men. As Bullseye said, no need to consider extra layers this morning, weather was great.

VQ for Roger Roger at Heartbreak tomorrow.

3/23 – Dredd will be leading Dogpile at 7 am. Other workout options earlier may be available.


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  1. Lug is killing it…and it shows. Well done, brother!

    Beautiful morning for a run. Breathing with this crud in my chest was another story, but thanks to Orange Crush for the motivation to keep chugging along.