Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hoedown back to RVAs darkest AO


Eight PAX set their alarm correctly to the new DST and found warmer temps awaiting them. We started with:

COP in the Gaga Pit: SSH, Don Qs, Derkins, Flutterkicks, Scorpion Kicks. Mosey to Tuckahoe Shopping Center. Pleasants Hardware was close so we did Wheelbarrow across lot and back. Head over to Kuba Kuba Dos for:

Dora 123: 100 Donkey Kicks, 200 Merkins, 300 Jump Squats. Then 3 sets of 30 PLTs. Head back to TES, to back field for: Airborne Jerkins on the Monkey Bar Rings: 4 Sets of 8. Head to blacktop lot: Bear Crawl across, 25 WWIIs, Crawl back then 20 more WWIIs. Finish up with Freddy Mercurys and American Hammers. COT & YHC took us out.

NMS – Good to see some Hoedown originals back out this morning, even better when Lockjaw and Saab run in to the AO. The DST change reminded everyone how very dark TES is in the morning so we spent a good while off campus.

After Kubota pointed out the new Gaga Ball pit he was not here to break it in this morning. We learned the pit fits 8 snugly, that is about max capacity. Not much to it besides ability for Derkins and the reverberation of Saab groaning on the Don Qs are much clearer.

YHC wasn’t planning on wheelbarrows until Fireman Ed reminded him of a previous Q where we did those right in the Zing Fit lot and had to dodge cars pulling in. The Pleasants Hardware part of the lot has less traffic but the lot is wider.

Lots of partner work this morning. The Airborne Jerkins worked well but the PAX had different methods of getting their legs on the mans shoulders. YHC was not ready for the first round where Handshake grabbed the rings, vaulted his legs up and onto YHC’s shoulders in one graceful move.

Annoucements: Roger Roger VQ is tomorrow at Heartbreak Ridge. Will he test out the Jerkin Gym mud? Use the Cinder Blocks? Dare to go onto the Football Field? Post tomorrow morning to see what he has planned!


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  1. Sorry I missed, but if I would have been there then I wouldn’t have fit in the Gaga pit now would I? Bad excuse but my right knee blew up some on me yesterday. Must have been from the Dogpile beatdown someone put on me Saturday ?!

  2. Great Q as always. The Dora of 200 Merkins after 100 donkey kicks was a challenge. Saab does seem to live in an alternate universe where Don Quixotes are really hard but merkins, donkey kicks and wheelbarrows are a breeze. Anyway, Offshore and I talked about going Ruckin’ at RAMM (5:15) again this Friday. Let us know or post if you are interested.

  3. Great Q today and good use of the AO and surrounding area. Nothing like coming back from time away with a HD q.

    The airborne jerkins were a nice addition, through they are probably better named “blades of glory”.

  4. My Merkins were about as fast paced as my DQs..apologies to Lockjaw for carrying the load.

    Speaking of Lockjaw, He was quite nimble on the airborne jerkins. I guess it is good we are the darkest AO or I may have had quite the show.

  5. Nice Q Honeydo, I enjoyed then traveling roadshow. The Chad Michael Michaels were a nice change of pace to the typical Jerkins

    Looking forward to Roger, Rogers VQ tomorrow. I wonder if there will be any aeronautical exercises?

    Ps- Did anyone else notice that every time we ran behind Kuba Kuba it smelled like boiling potatoes?