Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Spring Ahead, Don’t Look Back!


32 Triple Check Champions drove, rucked and/or ran to Dogwood Dell in the gloom to attend a Kubota DogPile beatdown. This is what transpired:

Mosey down to the far end of the Carillon field for:


Helicopters x 15

Cherry Pickers x 15

Don Quixotes (Saab speed) x 10

Russian Soldiers x 10

Plank Jack Merkins x 10

Skip down to the Carillon end of the field and head over and into the Amphitheater for:


Partner up with PAX that you normally don’t partner with and complete the following:

Partner 1 – Hallelujah Run up and down the Amphitheater steps

Partner 2 – Elbow Plank

Partner 3 – Plerkins from the back of the planking partner

Head out of the Amphitheater and mosey over to the Penny Stage for:


Keeping the same partners, complete the following:

Partner 1 – Run and touch 5 different trees each round

Partner 2 – Receiving end of Wilson’s Dying Boxing Cockroaches

Partner 3 – Throwing the punches!

Mosey over to the Rusty Cage for:


With same partners, perform the following:

Partner 1 – Jump Squats

Partner 2 – Jerkins x 7 each round

Partner 3 – Hold Partner 2’s legs during jerkins

Al Gore for the 6, then roll down the trail to the bottom of the Pipe Loop for:


Keeping same partners, complete the following:

Partner 1 – Run Pipe Loop

Partner 2 – Partner Leg Tosses

Partner 3 – Throw Partner 2’s legs down during PLT’s

Spit leads PAX with 6 inches, 45 degrees, 90 degrees while waiting for the 6.

Run down the road and up the hill to the Bath House or whatever that building is.

Line up and Bear Crawl 20 yards and then Crawl Bear back. Then Lunge 20 yards and Reverse Lunge back. Then High Knees for 20 yards and Reverse High Knees back.

TIME UP! Back to the flag!

COT, Numberama, Namearama, Announcements and YHC read a poem about looking ahead and not dwelling on the past. Spit finished with a nice prayer.


Bootleg is attacking and completing a 50K trail run today! Well Done!!

Growruck is in 2 weeks. DREDD is leading the DogPile that morning and it is a 7:00am. It will not be as tough as YHC’s beatdown that you just experienced!

Prayers for a lot of sick and injured PAX members and families.

Prayers for Wild Thing and his M. She just had a tumor removed from her brain this past week. Please help them out if you can!

Slurpee has Breaking Bread on Sunday, March 24. YHC is helping, but more help is always needed. Please sign up for future months!

There will be a Roller Coaster run/HDHH on Wednesday April 3 at Palani Drive at 5:30pm. See YHC’s PreBlast.


What a great morning for runs, rucks and beatdowns! This is the last DogPile before the time change which will make it dark again for the next few weeks. Getting the Pipe Loop in was a must even if it was a little damp. Having a tree fall down across it made it even better so we could have an obstacle to hurdle while we were running it. Lots of changes/construction down at the bottom of it which made things a little more interesting.

It was a triple check kind of morning. YHC has been wanting to do a whole partner workout for awhile, so this morning felt like a good time to do it. Also, to get to know some unfamiliar PAX better by partnering up with different guys. A 5th Triple Check was planned but not started because of time. YHC induced a few laughs with Flatline-like cadence during COP. Then he induced more laughs with his accent during poetry reading time.

Welcome to Boarhog and his dog, Tripper visiting from Lake Norman, NC. Most energetic and well trained dog YHC has ever seen. He will sleep well tonight.

Breakfast Club had 10 strong this morning and changed the route a little by adding a jaunt around the lake to the route. If you have not experienced this yet, please do so. It’s a great feeling running with Old Glory and having people beep their horns at you. You may also get your picture taken by Shakedown!

ET’s highlights include a conversation about Goat Sperm. There was discussion about planning for the Fall Retreat(no guns, but gasoline, wood pallets and a lighter are allowed.) Also, Saab misses his childhood pet cat, whose name was Pussy Cat…..

YHC thanks all of you for coming out and working hard this morning! It is always an honor to lead this fine group! Have a great rest of the weekend, all and don’t forget about YHC’s poetry reading and to focus on what’s ahead of you and not what’s behind you!


keep posting!


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  1. Kubota-great workout! You kept us moving for sure. I feel great! Also I am happy and honored to pair up with Rosie & Ollivander for the triple checks. Great work by all!

  2. Fun times today with Don Draper and Dr. Try Hard.

    Thanks for the “Three Amigos” Day.

  3. Great Q Kubota and thanks for the poem during the COT. Great words to take to heart this weekend. Enjoyed my first Breakfast Club. Will be back for sure after the GrowRuck.

  4. Heck of a Beatdown, Kubota – Way to bring the pain! I liked the poem as well, nice touch….

    Great to partner with Vinny and Slippin’ Jimmy (hope the ankle is ok man)…. Have a great weekend!

  5. That was fun, Kubota. Day O the Triple Check. I especially liked the audible “oohff” Hardywood let out each time I put my treetrunk legs onto his back while planking. Sorry for any permanent kidney damage.

    Great to meet Boarhog and Tripper, the latter of whom has agreed to run the BRR with me as a two man team.

  6. Outstanding Q Kubota. We covered a ton of ground today. Between breakfast club and a killer workout I am smoked. Great job Saab and Upchuck! Make it an awesome weekend fellas.

  7. I knew the Pipe Loop was coming and I still wasn’t ready for that smoker today. And what a start with the Hallelujah triple check. Well done Kubota. Great beatdown, and great message.