Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

We Are The F3 World


28 world class musicians met at Dogpile for a Vinny Jones produced version of We Are The F3 World. Here’s how it sounded.

Vocal Warmups: Arm Circles x 10. (Hardywood and Wilson had early feedback on their mics, that needed to be handled accordingly). Burpees x 30. Russian Soldiers x 15. LBCs x 20. Merkins x 15. Scorpion Kicks x 10. (The Daville boys behaved themselves, so they were rewarded). Smurf Jacks x 15.

First Verse / Triple Nickel: Water treatment hill by Columbus. Triple check style. Lead singer Bernie Sanders to the top of the hill. Five squats. Run back down. Back up singer 1 performs WWIIs. Back up singer 2 performs SSHs. Repeato x 3. Got to get that sweet sound just right.

Second Verse / Ode to Batteau: Eleven trees. Five HR Merkins at each tree. Lunge to the next tree. Repeato. Early finishers back for the six. We finish together. Harmony makes that sweet sound even sweeter.

Third Verse / Ode to Arthur Ashe: Spread out on the tennis court bleachers. Merkins of choice. Most chose incline. One chose decline x 20. HR Merkins x 20. Down to the courts for suicides. Keep it going. It’s coming together nicely.

Fourth Verse / Honor and Protect: WWIIs IC x 30. Merkins x 10 IC. Flutter Kicks x 100 IC.

Fifth Verse / We Are The World: Back to the flag with the six as the six. Finish strong. Finish together. Mona from Who’s The Boss died. 5 burpees. Super Man as we fade to black.

YHC took us out.

Announcements: Earth Day 5K on 4/27. See Wedding Singer of Friday’s RAMM BB for details.

Naked Mole Skin: The day started – as usual – with a strong showing of ruckers and Breakfast Club runners. Running to and from ETs with the flag never gets old. Awesome! 05:25 and the ruckers game out of the woods wagering bets on what Vinny had in store for today. No stage workout Wilson, and I wasn’t planning on hitting the tennis courts until you brought it up – so pay up. Mumble chatter was in full force early; the usual culprits. And it really ramped up during flutter kicks. I must have been doing mine wrong, cause talking was difficult.

Today marks the end of a week’s worth of Qs for me, and to a degree, the end of a year with F3. My first Dogpile (also my first post) was quite memorable. Although he wasn’t there today, I want to again thank Malpractice for picking me up on several occasions that day. It’s what F3 is all about, and it’s what today was all about. We didn’t finish with the six, we finished as the six. As it should be. Bone Thugs, way to push today brother. We covered a lot of ground, and you covered every inch of it with us. As always, bringing things to a close Super Man style is great. (Go check out the video on F3 Richmond Instagram or on my twitter feed: @sportsesquire. Bone Thugs steels the show – hilarious!

What a great day and great week, men. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Now time for my customary 4-hour Saturday nap.


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  1. Thanks for letting me lead today. A true honor. One I don’t take for granted. F3 RVA is awesome, and that speaks directly to the character of each of you. I’m extremely blessed to be a part of it.

  2. Vinny congrats on your first year and for completing the week of Q’s. You have been strong out of the gate and I have enjoyed getting to know you. Cheers to the next year brother!

  3. Great way to wrap up your Vinny Q week. My first Breakfast club run was a blast. Thanks to DTH for the pickup.

  4. Thanks for a great week of Q’s and congratulations again on the completion of your first year/today’s First Annual Dogpile Anniversary Q. You helped in getting me out to F3 and for inspiring me to become a regular. Enjoy your nap today, I will be toasting you while on the Beer/Wine tour of the Charlottesville area today.

  5. What a great morning! Great job this morning/week, Vinny! Wilson was on fire this morning! Great partnering with Mr Roper and Goldberg. Superman was fabulous!!!!!

  6. Are other people having trouble with the F3 app cutting away when typing something or is it just me?