Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Richmond Rockit


Seventeen scratchers came to RAMM for a Herbie Hancock Rockit show. No defined miles today, just settle in and crush it. Negative split. Out 23 minutes. Back 22. North on Commonwealth – East on Grove.

Announcements:   Wedding Singer’s promotions and marketing team are teeing up an Earth Day 5k at Tredegar on 4/27. See him or his crew for details.

NMS: Lab Rat is heavily into the mechanics and descriptive underpinnings of Great Dane breeding. I’m sure he’d be delighted to discuss his newfound interests with you anytime.

Way to push today men, negative splits are tough, especially for runners like me who don’t know how to pace themselves. Offshore noted that you taste your own poison if you roll out too fast. Indeed my friend, indeed. Sally Girl, as always kept the six in her grasp.

See y’all tomorrow at Breakfast Club and Dogpile for YHC’s final Q of the week.


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  1. Randy Mudd, Phonics. AKA the Richmond Rockit. Happy meteorological spring everybody.

  2. Please note: IF that damn dog actually gets bred, Im gonna freak out. Life goal for the next week is ensuring she does not get bred.

    Loved the simplicity of the route today. You had to be TYA to mess it up.