Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

(One) Year Ago When I Came To Know Mary


Twenty-two Richard Marx fans lined up at 45MOM for pre-sale tickets to his June 1st show at the Beacon Theater in Hopewell. Here’s what we did while we waited for the box office to open up:

COP:  SSHs x 25. Forward Arm Circles x 10. Russian Soldiers x 10. Copperhead Squats x 10.

Field Trip to the Greek Church:  Partner up. Boxing Cockroaches. 20 each x 5 sets. Tower 11s.  Each PAX member grabs two parking spaces side-by-side. Merkins and Carolina Dry Docks are the exercises. Start at the parking space header in the left spot. Perform exercises. Bear crawl to top of the parking space, over to your right, and crawl bear back down to the header in that space. Rinse and repeat. Arm Circles. Backwards x 10. DORA.  100 Rosalitas. 200 Squats. 300 SSHs. PLTs  25 each PAX member.

Get on the Bus – Head Back to/for Mary: Merkins x 10. Flutter Kicks x 100. Burpees x 10. 60 seconds of high knees. 06:15 box office doors open.

YHC took us out.

Announcements: Grow Ruck is headed our way. See the pre-blast and do your best to participate in some if not all.

NMS:  05:25 and the PAX was ready to go. YHC was scrolling through the Beacon Theater box office list yesterday and noticed that the one and only Richard Marx is headed our way. The perfect F3 field trip if you ask me. Viral in particular is excited. Noting, isn’t he the guy who sang about being accused of kidnapping someone? Why yes; yes he is.

Awkward Transition: Today is an important day for me. It is my last day at The Gee Law Firm. I joined them six years ago, and was friends and colleagues with most of them years prior. They are family. It is not without sadness that I leave them. As we go forward today, let’s remember those who did right by us, who lifted us up, who took us in from the rain. Move forward, but look back. Tomorrow I start a new job that I am very excited about. But that’s tomorrow. Today, I soak it all in. I encourage each of you to do the same. To lift up the positivity in our lives, and to thank those who play(ed) a part in it.

Enjoyed the morning men. It was great sharing it with each of you.


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  1. It’s been a great week with y’all. Five Qs down and two to go. For those who haven’t Q’d a week, sign up. It’s awesome!

  2. Way to keep the playlist rolling, Vinny. Great message as well. I hope your day today is great as you close one chapter and embark on a new adventure tomorrow. No doubt you will put everything you have into it and make it a success.

    Great Q. In particular, the Tower 11s really knocked me out (that was my mosh pit today). And, those flutter kicks…RESPECT for keeping those going.

    Great meeting and partnering with Semi-Charmed today. Also, great as always to partner with BT and Hardywood. BT – Tclaps for sticking with the combination routine for the boxing cockroaches – extra painful but worth it.

  3. OK, that video is super weird… But another Vinny Q has set my heart on higher things, so not even a shady music video is gonna steal my joy today. Was not a huge fan of the Tower 11’s, but it didn’t kill me, so I must be stronger…guess we’ll see at my Twin Team Q tomorrow. SYITG

  4. Great Richard Marx tweet “Went to the dentist today. My teeth are fine. I just wanted to hear some of my songs.”

    Did you know he’s married to Daisy Fuentes? Takes me back to MTV’s House of Style and summer beach house.

  5. There must be an ongoing, unofficial, 80’s knowledge challenge going on between Vinny and EF Hutton. I’m not sure who I would wager money on because it seems pretty even so far.

  6. Great Q Vinny. The 11s were no joke today and a special shout out goes to TYA who did them with no gloves; what a warrior. Best of luck on the last day!

  7. Love the Tower 11’s, combo boxing cockroaches not so much. Thanks for nothing, Gumbo;) Good partnering with Marv and Handshake too. The week of Vinny is a classic. Since we’ve been going off campus for bootcamps, perhaps we just run around the MM parking lot 1000 times tomorrow? Show up to find out, baby!

  8. Favorite White Lion song?
    What was the name of CC Deville’s band in between his two stints with Poison?