Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Not just a workout


A clear cool Wednesday morning brought 10 men out to see what Rosie had in store at SOT. It’s been a while since YHC Q’d a bootcamp but no complaints here, it’s been great to get beatdowns from a variety of the PAX over the past couple months.

Start out with a Rosie mosey to the bus loop for the disclaimer and celebration of my new favorite day, February 26th. 2 years in a row the Hokies have beaten the Dookies on 2/26, you’re welcome Wahoos. 5 burpees to celebrate the margin of victory. Continue the warm up with SSH, Russian Soldiers, IW, Peter Parkers, HRM, Alt. shoulder taps, LBC.

Since the bus parking spaces have been conveniently numbered next up was a Burp in a Box. Parking space #1 – 1 burpee then run to the flagpole, space #2 -2 burpees and continue up to 7. Lap the school to the front.

Curb crawl, these used to be a staple at the old SOT and since Lugnut brought back some memories last week, why not continue it on the curbs. Up to 5 and back down. Mosey down to the field house.

Next up is Dora, with a twist of course. 100 jump squats, 200 2-ct Freddies, 300 Imperial Walkers 1-ct. Every time you switch, 10 boo-yah merkins with your partner.

Back up to the cars for some Mary – Starting with crunchy frogs and ending with Superman and some other stuff in between.

Numbers/Names/No F3 related announcements – prayers for everyone in Mr. Roper’s office, (and not just because they work with him) he has a few people and their families dealing with the late stages of cancer.

Orange Crush back for 3 days in a row after post #1 last Monday is impressive. Lugnut, not a fan of the Hokies or the burpees we celebrated the victory with. The win does give UVA a better path to the #1 ACC seed though. You are all welcome for the added twist to Dora, it sucked so it will certainly make a return. Note to self: curb crawls are terrible no matter what AO you are at. No New Market gossip today, so we had that going for us.

COT – YHC closed today with a heartfelt thank you to all the PAX across F3 RVA. The support that F3 provides has been important to keep me in the right mind to help my family with sweat therapy, positive thinking, distraction and the general knowledge that someone had my back. Three years ago today my daughter woke up with a fever and joint pain and what was the beginning of a difficult stretch. After many doctor visits we found out she had juvenile arthritis. Long story short, last weekend we gave her what we hope is the last injection before she is in full remission. I didn’t talk about it much, like most guys, but everyone has their own burdens and problems so you never know when you are someone’s support crew. Thank you all and continue to be the support that someone else needs, whether you know it or not.

Everything is coming up Rosie.


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  1. Ain’t No Mosey like a Rosie Mosey…and there ain’t too many beatdowns like a Rosie beatdown. Today was no different. From the Burp in a Box x7 to the little extra cherry on top of the Dora, we got more than we paid for this morning.

    AYE, Respect and Amen for the words and sentiment in the COT. SOOOOOOO much more than a workout. You know we always have your back, Rosie, like you have ours. Fingers crossed and prayers for full remission indeed!

    Prayers indeed for the various co-works of Mr. Roper. Some folks dealing with difficult realities for sure. Perspective by the truckload there.

  2. Great work Rosie! Thanks for sharing the story about your daughter, I’m very happy she is doing well. The F3 Band of brothers have definitely been a positive influence in my life. Thanks to all!!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing the news about your daughter. I’m happy for you and your family that she is doing better. Looking forward to hearing the official ‘in remission” later in March. Nice workout today. i’ll get a new watch before the next workout. Thoughts and prayers for the folks mentioned by Mr. Roper.

  4. Not just a workout, indeed. Sorry to miss this one. Here’s to last injections!
    Thanks again to your Hokies…