Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Cult of Personality


Nineteen fans of 1980’s one hit wonders posted at No Toll to find out what was rad. 05:30. Time to strap on the fanny packs and go to work:

COP: Arm Circles x 10. SSHs x 20. Russian Soldiers x 10. Enough of that. Anymore and it would be more than a one hit wonder.

The Cult of Personality: 15 merkins + 15 2-count mountain climbers. 10 merkins + 10 2-count mountain climbers. 5 merkins + 5 2-count mountain climbers. Run to the end of field 1 and back. Rinse and repeat. AMRAP x 12 minutes.

The Cult of Personality:  15 SSHs + 15 Squats. 10 + 10. 5 + 5. Crab walk from the header of your parking space across the lot to the top of the next space. Bear crawl back. Rinse and repeat. AMRAP x 12 minutes.

The Cult of Personality:   15 Rosalitas + 15 Hello Dollies. 10 + 10. 5 + 5. Run to the end of the parking lot and back. Rinse and repeat. AMRAP x 12 minutes.

I Know Your Anger / I Know Your Dreams: Flutter kicks x 100

Back to the flag. YHC took us out.

Announcements: Handshake has the F3 softball shirts that Dr. Tryhard ordered, if you haven’t already picked yours up.

NMS: YHC is really enjoying the theme party this week. Today, we rolled out a little one hit wonder. No Hardywood, not Small Wonder. And not because there is video tape somewhere of me in the Kings Dominion recording studio cutting a music video to this song while in middle school, but because today’s workout was a cult of personality. You vs. you. Push yourself. Get after it on your own. That said, I’m guessing DK has a Living Colour singlet somewhere in his closet, probably beside his frog skin Oakley jacket.

“You don’t have to follow me / only you can set me free.”


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  1. Thanks for letting me lead today men. It’s always great to cross the river and see my SOJ brothers.

  2. Those 12-minute circuits definitely messed with the mind this morning. Shoulders smoked, then legs/wrists smoked, then abs smoked. Total Body. Nice work Vinny. Good change of pace.

    Happy F3-anniversary. Keep up the strong work.

  3. Nice curveball there Vinny, happy F3-anniversary. Hopefully I can catch another Vinny Q this week. I would also like to thank Marmaduke and Honeymoon for pushing me on the Dollies/Rosalitas, their New Market neighborhood gossip made me push myself to get up and run away from that mess.

  4. Today was a great opportunity to visit No Toll. Great job today and congrats on your F3 Anniversary!

  5. I owned the full cassette, which also contains the song “Glamour Boys”. 2 Hit Wonder?
    Great Q Vinny!

  6. Vinny – Great Q. By the way, I LOVE that tune. Listened to it twice and sang every word. The girls think im nuts. Great seeing yall. See ya soon.

  7. Enjoyed the YOU vs. YOU. Hope you go platinum with your single Vinny. Or whatever it is the kids measure for song nowadays, downloads, streams, etc.