Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Donde Esta Le Casa de Pepe?


14 Proven Road Warriors showed up to Spider Run to move our legs and start the day off in the most awesome way.

0527-Route explained. Run through UR back to the entrance on River Road and across River Road Shopping Center. Cross Huguenot Bridge, Southbound, and exit onto Riverside Drive. L on Riverside and R on Southampton and R on Riverside again. 4 milers, about face at this point. Now original route was Riverside Dr into Hickory to Old Gun for 5 milers and 6 milers took Hickory all the way to Elm.

However, within 1/4 mile on Riverside…..ROAD CLOSED, due to flooding. Oops, poor intel and planning by Q! Audible for 5 and 6 milers. Sippy Cup and Saab headed back and blazed there own route. YHC, EF Hutton, BT, Gomer Pyle, Faceplant, and Stumpjumper (Davidson F3) moseyed back to Riverside and headed east to Rock Falls and back to UR.

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements: 1 man needed for 12 man BRR team but spot filled quickly after COT!

YHC took us out!

NMS: Title of backblast comes from TYA and Bleeder……first question of the morning….”Where is Big Blue?” Legend has it Swirly is headed to Puerta Vallarta and has NEVER BEEN OUTSIDE THE US!! Bleeder provided intel that a passport would be needed!! Do whaaaattttt………

The group rolls with the punches and makes a run or workout happen. Great work this morning men. Poor route given the recent rain and YHC should have known better!

Gomer Pyle, great run this morning. And welcome to F3 RVA, Stumpjumper! Glad you found the PAX and hope RVA treats you well!

Only those who post understand.

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  1. Nice run today gents. Perfect morning for it.

    Hey BT, BMNT was at 5:48 today.

    Welcome Stumpjumper.

    Gitty up.

  2. Good running with BT, Flatline, and Slumphumper or was it Bumpdumper? Stumpjumper? Well either way he was fast.

  3. It seemed especially dark at 5:48, and it was colder too as EF noted. Good run even with the washouts. It is unfortunate that El Swirlio missed this one. 90% chance he doesn’t turn around at the roadblock. Great run, boys, and welcome StumpJumper!