Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Run ahead, young bull – I will walk


7 redwoods gathered for a Pacific Northwest spring day contemplating 70 and sunny thoughts and the upcoming bikini season.

After determining that no one signed up to Q, hot potato was the call.

Handshake – Mosey to first third church parking lot COP, 10x Russian Soldiers, 10x Copperhead Squat, 10x Imperial Walker, 10x 2 count Merkin, 25x LBC. 11s : Flutter Kicks and Merkin. Freddie Mercury for the 6.

Fireman Ed – Mosey to far parking lot. 4 corners 10 Burpee, 20 WWII, 30 Jump Squats, 40 LBC. Plank for 6.

Garbage Plate – Mosey to Bodos secret playground (jk) for oblique workout. Plank 30s. 25x left plank drops, 25x right, 25x oblique V up left, 25x right. 75% parking lot sprint, backwards run back.

Gomer Pyle – complete running workout 50% sprint, backwards run, 75%, 100%, 100%. Mosey to Tuckahoe parking lot. Bear Crawl to 12 arrows, 10 WW2 Situps on each arrow. Deep Al Gore for 6 + 30s. Mosey to jungle gym. 30 Pullups, 50 Merkin OYO. Mosey to flag. YHC took us out.

Did I miss anything, gents?


Discussion and reminders about GroRuck special events. Get ready boys! The NoVA Patriots are showing. Happy hour friday. Dredd is Q at a 7a DogPile. Leadership school follows. Then a casual evening stroll with friends – and a few stops along the way. Definitely will be a great event. Check out the pre Blast.

On the first mosey, Handshake seemed to be distracted by another running group. YHC seriously thought he was going to pass them so that the PAX could show their impressive forms, but then we ran across the street for the parking lot and COP. Later that same group came by during the bear crawl, but MOST of the PAX were too intensely focused on their summer goals to notice. Having run with that group in the daylight, YHC abides.

Which brings me to the parable of the day:

YB: Hey old bull, lets each run down this hill and get us one of those heifers.

OB: That’s a great idea, you run ahead young bull. I will walk and get the rest of them.

Gomer Pyle

Share your energy! Stay focused!

Get some!

– Gomer Pyle


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  1. Kudos to Garbage Plate as he found the driest spot in Richmond; we just have to get clearance from Bodos to use it. I am a bit surprised that only seven showed up; was it too warm this morning? Great job all!

  2. Neglected to mention Gomer Pyle used 2 phrases in same sentence that have never been said together in the history of mankind:

    “We’re almost out of time ” & “let’s do 30 Pull-ups”