Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Staying off the grass


Eight eager warriors said no to the Fartsack and yes to the rainy gloom of GridIron. It went like this:

Mosey to High jump area of track for dry ground COP of: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Flutterkicks, Hillbillies. Head to far entrance for Curb Crawls: Up to 6 then back down.

Head to front of school for Dora 123 of: 100 Burpees, 200 WWIIs, and 300 Jump Squats. Then off to Jerkin bars: 4 sets of 8. Then 3 Sets of 25 PLTs. Indian Run around old school house and courts then back to flag. Some mary and then 40 Merkins to finish. Atilla took us out.

NMS – Somehow it is always raining when YHC comes out to Q at Gridiron. At least the temps were warmer, but the fields were a mess. So we spent our time on the pavement. The 100 Burpees call on the Dora was received with a mixed reaction. YHC realized his error on the Dora when partnering with Atilla on the Burpees. Atilla’s “Comfort not Speed”mode does not work well when counting.

YHC enjoyed the chance to meet some new Gridiron PAX, well at least Tater. Vanilla Ice is a nice kid but watching him do 100 Jump Squats in the time it takes a normal man to do 10 is humbling. Ah to be 17 again.

Without White Deer in attendance the mumblechatter was positive, although comments about WD’s fartsacking excuses were bandied about. Quest and ByProduct put in solid work.


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  1. Let me try this again. Burpees and curb crawl were awesome. Thanks for joining us at Gridiron, Honeydo!