Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Living mid hate


29 of Richmond’s finest braved the soaking fields of Dogpile for some light exercise


Don Quioxtes, Merkins, LBC’s, SSH’s, Russian Soldiers, etc

The Thang:

Four Corners – Ascending 4 corners, first corner 10 Merkins, second corner 10 Merkins + 20 Squats, third corner 10 Merkins + 20 Squats + 30 WWII’s, fourth corner 10 Merkins + 20 Squats + 30 WWII’s + 40 SSH’s then descending back through the exercises

Triple Check – Partner 1 Runs the Triangle Loop, Partner 2 completes Lt. Dan’s, Partner 3 completes Flutter Kicks.

Jerkin Gym – Partner Up – Each Partner does 5 Pull Ups then together they run to the Fire Hydrant and complete 10 boo-yeah Merkins, cycle through 5 times.

Merkin Ring of Fire: At the Flag’s two people on opposite sides of the circle picked their favorite flavor of Merkins and completed 10 individually and rotated clockwise until everyone had completed one set

Burpees: At to start of the workout and the top of every 10 minutes we completed 5 Burpees and a bonus 5 at the end of the workout to celebrate YHC’s 35th birthday

Numberama, Namerama, COT

Announcements: Greenbow’s M is due with baby number 3 tomorrow, he’s been getting his posts in before the baby comes. Slurpee has Breaking Bread tomorrow and would love some help, he’s currently signed up by himself.

Moleskin – YHC enjoyed celebrating his 35th birthday leading the men of Dogpile, numbers were a little lighter than normal, most likely because of the less than stellar weather. YHC even heard a few groans from Hardywood about being over the rain. New Market Rucking Crew + Spit caught up with us on the way back to the flags, they put in two hour Ruck to make 8 miles (great job, men). YHC was also glad to see Flipper, welcome back Flip Dog!


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  1. Solid beatdown for an old man. Welcome to prostate exam world. Also thanks to Flipper for battlefield triage today.