Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dolly Maddison’s Jugs


19 warriors emerged in the calm before the storm for a NoToll beatdown that went something like this.


Mosey around outer perimeter, turn towards shelter and circle up at parking lot

COP – SSH, DQ, Joe Harris Squat Jumps, Copperhead Squats, Russian Soldiers

Mosey around outer perimeter, turn towards shelter and circle up at parking lot

Burp & Merk – Up to 10, then back down

Mosey around outer perimeter, turn towards shelter and circle up at parking lot

Bearimeter – Partner up – Partner 1 bear crawls, Partner 2 runs – switch repeato x2 (switch to crawl bear 2nd time)

Mosey around outer perimeter, turn towards shelter and circle up at parking lot

Space Invaders – 5 bullets attack line by forward lunging, while lines
of alien ships Bob & Weave left & right. When tagged, ships become bullets. Repeato x3, adding walkouts and 5 burpees for missed bullets

Mosey around outer perimeter, turn towards shelter and line up on soccer field

Over/Unders – PAX either elbow planks or Fudd’s Wifes while back PAX runs over or under to the end. Repeato x 2

Audible back to VSF for 4 minutes of mary: LBCs, Hello Dollies, Dying Cockroaches, American Hammers, Protractor

COT – Marmaduke took us out

Naked Moleskin

We packed a lot in this morning. Thanks to the PAX for humoring YHC with some of our sillier drills.

The name of this Back Blast was born from Hardywood’s comments during the Hello Dollies. Please see him for clarification…but the comment did provide solid schoolboy humor.

Mumblechatter was heavy this morning…and Wilson may have gotten more words in than the Q.

At one point, YHC asked the guy next to him if he thought the main fields would be too wet to use….then realized it was Flatline, who has no wonder-if-field-is-too-wet judgment capacity.

Cheers to Orange Crush for attending his 2nd workout in as many days! Keep it up.

Cheers also to Dr. Tryhard for organizing the F3 shirts, though YHC is salty that they couldn’t sort out the umlaut in Döner…


The regular ones.


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  1. Pretty sure the New Market crew was glad when the quarters ran out while playing Space Invaders…

  2. Strong work DK – love the variety and the new (or old but seldom-used) exercises you bring out. Those were some fruitful planning laps today!

    Absolutely hilarious statement by Hardywood during Hello Dollies…realized that laughing makes actually doing Hello Dollies or Dieing Cockroaches very difficult…but it works the Abs nonetheless.

    And, so true, Flatline is definitely not suited to be your voice of reason when questioning field conditions…JRHS is still fixing the football field from the Flatline Q last month.

    Solid crew this morning. Great to have some new faces out. Well done fellas.

  3. Great Q DK! The over under was great. Love to see that functional movement.

    It’s fun to see if I can pull the Q offsides with some irreverent humor. Since my Miss Garrett sidebar only made Rosie laugh I knew I had to up my game.

    Make it a great one fellas.

  4. That was a solid beating. I am noticing a trend with DK’s Q’s that he is running in between. I love that! Thanks for keeping us moving. I feel great.

  5. Great workout today…thank you. Wife is out of town for the next couple days so I will likely see you next week. Looking forward to it.

  6. For the record, there was only mumblechatter after our workout on JRHS field that soggy morning. Nonetheless, all fields are in play!
    DK-way to mix it up. And what to say about Mary, but I love these workouts when an offsides comment comes into play. Dolly Madison…..
    Loud and Proud!

  7. Thanks for Q’ing a great workout DK – loved the spirit of humor and fun this AM. I think you should reward yourself by getting some white fabric paint and adding your own umlaut to the shirt! SYITG

    GUYS WHO ORDERED SHIRTS: Find me at W-Dog or 45MOM this week …and maybe TT on Fri. I’ll be passing off the shirts to a willing volunteer to bring to Dogpile/ET’s Sat AM (bummed to miss Handshake’s V-Dogpile, but I’ll be out of town dragging my FNG cousin to an Arlington-F3 AO.)