Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No creativity today


4 RiverRun veterans and 1 FNG hit the cold wet roads of northwestern Chesterfield County for a few miles of early morning fun. No Q on the sheet and no one feeling extra creative this morning so, as Wedding Singer would call it, the OG route it is. Into Tarrington, Ashwell loop up the hill and around the school for about 5 miles. Lugnut hit his 4, and the rest of us including the FNG, Orange Crush, pushed up the hills for 5.

Doozy is itching to do the rollercoaster again but was hesitant to mention it this morning. YHC has been thinking about new routes, hill repeats and/or speed work. There will be some variety at River Run soon, but not today.

Welcome Orange Crush, those hills are not easy and even tougher on day 1.


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  1. Thanks for taking the bull by the horns this morning Rosie. I think someone added a few more hills to the OG than I remember???

  2. Thanks for the workout today. Enjoyed the company just a little bit more than those hills! See you tomorrow.