Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

There’s a Big Hill by the Entrance


8 PAX braved the colder than forecast temperature to assemble at Timberwolf for a DK beatdown that went something like this:


Mosey around school then assemble in parking lot.

Disclaimer, Happy VD, COP: SSH, DQs, SSH (legs in V formation for VDay), Dying Cockroaches (legs in V formation for VDay), Cherry Pickers, 70 arm circles

Mosey down to entrance to school. Line up facing the Hill

Hill Work: Bear crawl to middle, clockwork merkins

Jacob’s Ladder: Bear Crawl up hill, 5 monkey humpers, run down – increase reps by 5 – up to 25, then back down

Mosey past cars to ditch winter hats, them down to track.

Track Work: 25 of an exercise, run a lap – repeato 4x and repeat all exercises from previous laps – 25 Freddie Mercuries (Gumbo), 25 American Hammers (Tobit), 25 Flutter Kicks (Marmaduke), 25 Merkins (Bullseye)

Long mosey back around school to VSF

COT – Marmaduke took us out.

Naked Moleskin

Some dudes arrived early to run/ not ruck. YHC didn’t get the memo after fartsacking this week to avoid the sub-40 + rain…. As a result, the track work didn’t agree with Wilson.

New Market’s flatulence didn’t agree with YHC…and honestly, how do those guys not soil their drawers at each workout trying to out-cropdust the other?

Lug Nut has crushed the last 2 weeks! Keep it up, my friend!




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  1. Great Q DK. That hill ladder with monkey humpers got things off to a roaring start. Enjoyed the track work too. Took all I had and a decent head start to hold Tobit off on that last lap.

    Thanks to Honeymoon, Wilson and Marmaduke for the pre-workout company for some miles.

  2. Doner – your Q’s never disappoint and never does track work agree with me. Nice job keeping us going.