Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

All We Need Is A Little Paaatience


It is Valentine’s Day, and ten muscle-bound Romeos were looking to bulk up with the hopes of impressing the M on this Hallmark inspired day.  Here is how it went down:

  • COP
    • 10 Herpies OYO
    • 30 SSH
    • 15 IW
    • 12 DQ
    • 15 helicopters
    • 10 2x merkins
    • 30 2x LBC
    • 10 Donna Summers, each leg
    • 15 pickle pounders
  • Lucky Bus Loop – farmers carry to the four quadrants of the bus loop, perform 15 reps of a certain exercise, adding a new exercise for each quadrant, with a total of 8 at the end
  • Lawnmower pulls – each arm (8x)
  • Sit ‘n presses (7x)
  • High pulls (6x)
  • KB swings (5x)
  • Lunges (4x)
  • Halos (3x)
  • Clean ‘n press (2x)
  • American hammers
  • Run the bus loop
  • Mosey to the parking lot for COT

Double digit PAX, including 2 clown cars, for Circus was an awesome way to start a Thursday!  Great work by the PAX as we remained under weight with high reps.  Took a moment during COT to encourage the PAX to love our spouses.  It can be difficult, requiring compassion and patience.  Probably not the most common traits within the PAX.  Wishing all the PAX the best as they strive to love and serve their brides today.

God is good all of time! Attila


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  1. I enjoyed starting my Valentines Day with 9 other dudes, most of whom started playing their body instruments early. That set the proper mood for the holiday. Atilla must have thought our upper bodies needed beefing up more before we took our shirts off in front of our M’s. Good Q, Atilla. Double digits for Circus, Aye!

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