Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wierd Al and FNG Hat Truck Submit to the Punisher


Four towering Redwoods, and one FNG (Hat Truck) posted at punisher for an evening workout.  The weather was dry and warm for a change.  Johnsonville (YHC) took Q, and this is what went down:

Warmup with SSH, Don Quiotes, slow squats, crabcakes, plank sequence, merkins, and arm circles.

Mosey to pillars to the right of Linwood Holton ES’s front entrance.  Wall sit of fire while each pax did 5 donkey kicks (twice around),  5 balls to the wall (twice around) and 10 jump squats (twice around).

Mosey to front of school for standard ring of fire around twice, and then around a 3rd time with 5 diamond pushups.

Mosey to bus loop on side of school.  Elevens around the bus loop with 10 half-burpees at one end and 1 box cutter at the other;  then 9 half-burpees, 2 box cutters, etc. to 1 half-burpee, 10 box cutters.

Mosey to lawn to the right of the school when facing it.  COP Roxanne.

COT with YHC taking us out.

YHC gave all the option to omit the pushup on the half-burpees.  Neither the FNG (Hat Truck) nor the newish guy (Wierd Al) opted to do that, both exhibiting perfect form.  YHC declared then and there that they were in charge of Qing next week.

For the record, the name “Hat Truck” was derived using the following F3 “logic” — Hospital name = Brent Hall –> hockey player “Brent Hull” –> “Hat Trick” (Hull scored 33 hat tricks in his career, the fourth highest in NHL history) –> “Hat Truck” (Brent Hall is an IT guy for Advance Auto Parts).

That was a good way to end a loooong day at work.  Great job, men.  Jville



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