Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Enter Sandman


12 men showed up for Mudface’s VQ at Daville, in which he expunged high school demons.  Here’s how it went down.

Mosey to basketball court for COP: arm circles, 10 small, 5 big, reverse   helicopters x 10     hamstring stretches, forward and back

Mosey to grass next to bball court, enter the 50-70 pound sandbag (in that range).  With sandbag, one PAX throws it forward at a time, rest of PAX bearcrawl after taking turns until all have had their chance.  Do same with underhand throw and side throw, then line up single file and pull the bag through your legs.  Plank up, shoulder to shoulder, pull the sandbag through the tunnel, then back again.  All PAX save one stay in plank and do merkins, while each PAX in turn does a burpee, then picks up bag and throws it over their head.  Repeat this adding Helix squat, lunge both legs, then curl, then rack, and throw it over your back, while rest of PAX does LBC’s and then switches to Helix squat.  One last set with rows added, then circle up tossing the bag from one PAX to the next.

Mosey back to flag, with first Mudface, then Bulkhead, and finally Spike carrying the bag, stopping intermittently for burpees.

Numberama, namerama, The Carpenter took us out.


Mudface named the sandbag Eric, because (his story) this was his lab partner’s name in high school “and I carried him the whole year” so it is apropos to do so again.  The initial exercises left too much time on the PAX’s hands, so LBC’s, merkins and squats were added.  Yea!  The Carpenter was very enthusiastic tossing around Eric, perhaps working out some memories of his own.  It’s a safe space, it’s good to share….  Mumblechatter included multiple theories about what really happened with Eric, whom Mudface evidently still talks with from time to time.  There were some who posited that it was actually Eric, minced down to size, in the bag.

By the end, he had taken a toll on all of the PAX, and YHC’s back will be remembering this workout for a while.  Eric was even gifted an official F3 name–welcome to Deadweight!  A great Daville VQ from Mudface, and YHC is willing to bet Deadweight will be seen sooner rather than later.

As usual, Mudface has no idea what he’s doing.


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