Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Elevens with burpees equal goodness


A dozen PAX including yours truly showed up at Heartbreak looking for a mild winter morning beat down and I think they got one.   Although the Fireman was the only one present at 5:23, the caravans came through.  The exercises went like this:

Warm up – 25 side straddle hops, 10 Don Quixotes, 10 arm circles each direction and 20 Freddie Mercuries

Exercise 1 – Partner carry around the 1/4 mile (aboot .4 kilometers) track.  At one point two people came sprinting past us.  I still don’t know if that was two of our PAX or the non F3ers who were using the track this morning.

Exercise 2 – Run around Quiocassin Middle school and do sets of 10 merkins during the run.  I estimate we ended up doing ~80 merkins

Exercise 3 – 100 PLTs total between 2 PAX

Exercise 4 – Elevens starting with 10 burpees at the bottom of the hill by the parking lot up the hill 1 WWII and drop a burpee add a WWII until we get to 1 burpee and 10 WWIIs.  this one elicited a few groans and complaints after the fact.

Exercise 5 – wall sits alternating with tricep dips

Cool down with 30 American hammers, 30 3 count mountain climbers (which I barely 1,2,3 at the end of) and 40 side straddle hops.  Lastly, we did a Merkin ring of fire.

No announcements and closed in prayer.

Quiet group this morning.  Perhaps the fireman needs to liven it up a bit.  There was some mumble chatter about doing elevens with burpees so I used that as the title for today’s post.  Enjoy the 70 degree sunny day and do great things.



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