Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

SSH Insanity!


8 fighters stormed the parking lot and stood ready for a morning fun fest that went something like this…

5 hand-release merkins (HRM). Mosey to around the parking lot and over to the pavilion. 5 incline merkins. Mosey across the field. 5 HRMs. Mosey back to the pavilion. 5 derkins. Mosey to the parking lot.

COP – All IC – 25 SSHs, 25 invisible jump ropes, 25 imperial walkers, 25 LBCS, 10 don quixotes, arm circles

Mosey to the front corner of the church building.

A Little Hike

Run to the first corner – 5 two-count mountain climbers, 5 HRMs, 5 WWII sit-ups. Run to the second corner – 10 two-count mountain climbers, 10 HRMs, 10 WWII sit-ups. Run to the third corner – 15 two-count mountain climbers, 15 HRMs, 15 WWII sit-ups. Run to the last corner – 20 two-count mountain climbers, 20 HRMs, 20 WWII sit-ups.

Reverse direction while starting with 15 exercises each and the descending. Replace mountain climbers with squats, HRMs with merkins, WWII sit-ups with LBCs.

Mosey to another part of the parking lot.

Partner up. One partner lunges while the other does 2 burpees and runs the loop until he catches his partner. Switch. Go back and forth until the loop is complete.

Mosey to flag and circle up

All IC – 25 two-count American hammers, 25 two-count flutter kicks, superman, 25 heels to heaven, 25 Alabama prom dates, superman, 25 freddie mercuries, 50 LBCs, superman. 20 HRMs.

Numerama, Namerama, Announcements, Spit took us out.


It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood and everyone came to play this morning. As always, Emoji was full of life and ready to fire up the troops from the opening moments. The PAX was surprised to see Mudface roll in at 5:29 am and be able participate in the initial mosey around the campus.

The SSHs during the COP got a little out of control. Spit decided to start moving around and that kickstarted a kind of SSH revolution of insanity. The PAX was running into one another, attacking one another and some even headed into the woods. Rumor has it that Emoji has taken a dump (or more) in the woods over the years but there was no evidence discovered during the SSH insanity.

The COP got a little awkward as Spit got a little too close to Mudface. YHC wondered if some names should be changed… to include Spitface or Mudspit or something else…

The “little hike” brought the mumblechatter to a halt and the PAX got to work. Spit and Rounders paced the team but every man fought through the entire thing. Pinkie arrived somewhere in the middle and joined the party.

The final exercises yielded some vomit-inducing fumes from Rounders. He shared that he ate something like a pound of pork sausage last night. Mudface seemed interested in the recipe and gravitated toward the green mist that was surrounded Rounders. Once again, talk of Emoji’s antics in the woods surfaced in the mumblechatter.

There was a lot of laughter this morning. YHC needed that laughter. He has missed a lot of workouts in 2019 and he is looking to get back into the stream of the F3 greatness. As Spit said well in the final moments, “This is more than a workout. We are a brotherhood and we are here for one another.” We all need to hear that and, more importantly, live it out! Let’s keep this rolling, F3RVA!!

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  1. Great Q Carpenter. Not sure the last time I had that much fun at a F3 workout! Like you I need that this week.

    Glad to have Rounders back out as a regular.

    Have a great weekend fellas!

  2. I felt back at home this morning. It is good to be alive when we are running around like a bunch of crazy fools in the GLOOM!!