Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The ruck not traveled


“Two ruckers diverged in the gloom and neither took the workout less traveled,

and that made all the difference”

9 grownup men and 0 ruckers converged in the gloom to an announced “rucker friendly” workout.  Since nobody was carrying weight, the Q changed it all up.  Here is the workout most traveled:

-Parking lot tracers.  You know it!

-COP: If you’ve seen one Lab Rat COP, you’ve seen them all

-Triple Check-  On the football field, Player 1 runs to the goal post and back.  Player 2 does hand release merkins and squats if needed.  Player 3 does rotating Mary of his choice.

-Rotating pullups- pax planks in a line in front of pullup station.  Pax1 does 10 pullups while pax 2 spots him.  Rotate thru so everyone gets a turn.

-Phonics’ sprints of death:  Im sure there is a better name for them, but this pretty much sums it up.  Teams of three…basically you sprint 50 yards, tag out a partner, then do 5 burpees.  Do this 5 times.  When everybody is done, bear crawl to the middle.  We screwed it up, but all points were covered.   These suck, bt dubs.

-burpee indian run:  Just like it sounds.  We took the long way home, and switched it up into basically a Chinese fire drill Indian run.  It did not go smoothly.

Ring of Fire (Rosie style):  From Al Gore, first guy drops does 10 merkins then holds plank.  Pass it around to everybody.  Back to first guy, 10 more merkins and back to Al Gore…then pass it back around.


Lab Rat announced this would be rucker friendly on the local boards, with an AYE from Spit and Shakedown.  Circle K also showed up this morning with ruck sack and layers of clothing.  Something happened between 0530 and 0530 and a half that made these two ditch the rucks and join parking lot tracers instead of heading for the designated rendezvous.  What exactly happened, we may never know……or Shakedown can tell us.  Regardless, Lab Rat took full advantage of the freedoms gifted to him to completely change the planned Q to something more mobile and fluid.  One can imagine what caused Spit to be a no-show.  My money is on a late night with the baby, which is always a free pass in my book.

Exactly nine guys lent well to the triple check.  Options were given, which made the hand release merkins a little more palatable to the group.  No excuse for bad form.  Emoji made the comment on how long the field was….120 yards for those counting at home, just like every other football field.

Phonics’ sprints plus burpees thing seemed like a good idea at the time.  I remember there being a little break in between to catch your breath.  Nothing is so disheartening as finishing a round of burpees and standing up to see your “relief” sticking his hand out to high 5 you back out to run.

The Indian run back with burpees was going well…..too well.  Audible was called that instead of burpees, run around the group before returning to the front of the line.  There were two lines.  It was a Charlie Foxtrot.  Pretty sure Pavaratti just kept running in circles the whole time.  That’s ok, we can work on that.


-Still plenty of room on the Growruck event.  There are loaner weights and packs available.

-Extra credit ruck at 0500 at Dogpile.  Run kicks off at 0530 from Elwood Thompson’s.


Apology of the week goes out to Robert Frost for butchering up his life’s work just to get a cheap chuckle out of the pax.


Lab Rat apologizes…



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  1. Great job LabRat! Sorry I had to miss this morning had some issues with the kids. Such is life with small children.

  2. Excellent workout Lab Rat! And I’m pretty sure that particular football field is longer than 120 yards. Expanded when it froze or something. Great to see you all!

  3. I was confused by the lack of rucksacks. Didn’t see Circle K till I was out of my truck. No worries. Good workout. Good to visit foreign lands every now and then. Thanks Labrat for your on the fly leadership. Apologies to Circle K.

    Also – y’all need to sign up for the grow ruck CSAUP. It’s gonna be hard but it’s gonna be fun and RVA has to represent.

    Stay shady.