Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Heart-warming Ridge


First to the Ridge was LOOSE GOOSE who had very kindly planted his very own little ShovelFlag, which YHC thought appeared lonely, so The FORGE flag was also planted …with the usual MumbleChatter regarding it’s grand size and magnificence. Twas a mild 30-ish morning, and the PAX warmly greeted one another as they counted the incoming to find out if numbers would even up…which they did…so we decided to get going!


Follow-the-Leader “moseycizes” around the parking lot, returning to ShovelFlags for COP#1:

  • Don Quixotes
  • Hydraulic Squats (8ct, to knees)
  • XY’s (4ct, Flutter-Dolly)
  • PAX-called Pusherama – State F3 Name & type of Merkin, PAX repeats name & exercise, PAX completes x5 IC, then passed to next man (total of 70 reps completed)

Mosey to COP #2: (Jerkin Gym + the Ridge)

  • JerkMerk Buddy Ladder – Partner Up, x10 Jerkins each (legs held), Bernie Sanders up the Hill, x9 Buddy Merkins (Hand-Release at bottom, Shoulder Taps top …this ensures fully down and fully up for each Merkin), run back to Jerkin Gym for x9 J’s, back to top for x8 BM’s, etc.
  • We can all thank HANDSHAKE for requesting a routine including the Jerkin Gym
  • Return to track when complete, each performing 20ct PLT’s while waiting on the Six

Mosey to COP #3: (Parking Lot)

  • Parking Space Tracer – facing the end point, sprint and shuffle all the lines
  • PAX awaiting their turn complete WWII’s prior to Tracer run, then complete Monkey Humpers while awaiting the Six (…there was some noted variety in exercises as it appears MH’s were not preferred following the Spacer Sprints)

Mosey to COP #4: (Curb)

  • Around the World Merkins – x10 rounds OYO (Incline Merkin, then turn Right to Merkin with Left hand on Curb, then turn to Derkin, then turn to Merkin with Right hand on curb)

Mosey Back to ShovelFlag for Mary:

  • Sweat Angels IC x20 (arms/legs held at 6”)
  • Back Plank (raise legs/arms) …not particularly interesting
  • The DTH Circle Merk x3 (more smoothly completed than last time…BOOYAH!)
  • x60 SSH OYO for the last minute …Well done fellas!


  • Counterama (#14)
  • Namerama
  • Announcements (detailed below in Comments)
  • Prayer


  • Solid numbers this AM, but low volume on the Mumble Chatter – probably due to the PAX losing their breath with Moseycizes in the first minute of the day, following by 44 minutes of non-stop fun. 🙂 Was again bummed with failing to bring the elusive FNG out (had a hard commit as of last night), but enjoyed seeing some new faces (PONCH, HANK HILL, and ?PEE TRAP …can anyone verify his name?) Keep posting fellas, and never give up Headlocking FNG’s…they need this more than you think! SYITG

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  1. – HONEYDEW’s M (Erin) is having a tough week – let’s keep her in prayer!
    – ROGER ROGER’s M (Molly) is still recovering from complications related to the delivery of their newborn girl (Libby) – congrats & praying for you guys brother!
    – Personalized F3 Shirts available for ordering at:
    – The FORGE – new AO at Huguenot High starting 4/4

  2. Great to catch a DTH Q, well except the Hydraulic Squats on the parking lot. I’m sure Honeydo would love to introduce you to Richard Kimballs, hopefully on the grass.

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