Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Mercy VQ #2


With a sentiment of TGIF, 11 zero-dark-thirty warriors set off for a latecomers “Courtesy Loop” around the Parking Lot with a little COP of x20 SSH. Unfortunately the hoped for FNG was a no-show, so off we went. En route ROSIE suggested YHC should add house calls to my EH’ing – apparently the elusive FNG is more likely to escape the fartsack if you are leaning on your horn outside his house at 5AM. Duly noted!


Mosey to COP #1: (Playground)

  • Morning Call:  First man completes 5 pull-ups calling cadence to the pushing PAX who completes 5 matching Merkins – after 5 pull-ups completed, brother-on-bar calls out his F3Name – echoed by the pushing PAX. Repeato for each member, 55 Merkins total.

Mosey to COP #2: (Lot near Track)

  • Imperial Squat Walkers (4 count, nice & slow)
  • Around the World Lunges (12 count to lunge Rt leg to 12/3/6, then Left Leg 6/9/12)
  • Jingle Balls (Plank position – Each foot brought up to Each Hand, 4 count)
  • CrabJacks (crab walk position, legs extended/split/return, 4 count)
  • Windshield Wipers (on six, arms out to sides, leg together & touching sky, dropped to right, then up, then left – 4 count) …similar to WWII’s on a slope YHC found himself “walking” slowly down the slightly graded pavement
  • Hands above head Flutter Kicks (audible appreciation from PAX for a COP exercise they recognize)

ROSIE:  “We need to stop him from reading the Exicon!”

Mosey to COP #3: (Track)

  • No Mercy Mile (Modified)- PAX completes 4 laps around track, each time stopping at the first 50 yard line to complete 25 Merkins, 25 Monkey Humpers at opposite 50 yard line, and Captain Thor’s at completion of lap to wit for the Six. Straightaways run, while curve exercises varied for each lap:
  • Lap 1 Curves: Bear Crawl & Lunges (ouch, let’s not do that again)
  • Lap 2 Curves: Alternate Partner Carries (Felt like I was floating off the ground after carrying 210lb of Beaker!)
  • Lap 3 Curves: Carioca both ends
  • Lap 4 Curves: Partner Wheelbarrows (where’d my breath go?!)

OUT OF TIME …AYG sprint through muddy field back to Shovel Flag

(Will plan better next time to leave room for the DTH “Circle Merk” closeout exercise)


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  • Prayer


  • YHC slightly disappointed at the start due to an FNG no-show, but warmly cheered up by the 10-strong PAX moving through this morning’s routines with great enthusiasm. The Exicon continues to produce entertaining options, though YHC getting the cadence right for the CrabJacks was initially challenging (PAX patience & humor much appreciated). The No Mercy Mile took us a lot longer to complete than expected, so an action packed Triple Check YHC had planned will have to wait for next time – perhaps for YHC’s next Q at HeartBreak Ridge on Tuesday (1/29). Getting all the feels this AM – humbled and privileged to be a member of such an amazing group of Men. Thank you!!!

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  1. Nice work today DrT, love trying new things from the Exicon. Counting can be hard especially on an exercise you haven’t done before or something more that 4 count. The rest of us aren’t quite astute enough to keep up with anything more than 4 count.
    Great to see so many new guys out today. It was little odd when we crossed over a curb and I called out ‘Goldberg’ but realized no one there knew what that was a reference to…new faces and always a good time.

  2. Great job, fellas! Kubota-led Hot Potato Q at Digpike tomorrow! Get ready in case your name is called! Have a great day all

  3. Well done DTH. Damn pissed that I missed it. Seemed to have caught the plague that my kids have been kicking around. Love all the new exercises though. Keep up the good work.

    Radar – lots of thoughts and prayers for your brother and family!

  4. could have been working out in the rain Thursday…I’m also feeling congested to the max…

    also sorry to miss this.

  5. Super Q Dr. Tryhard! Awesome variety this morning…the 8-count exercises in the COP were particularly entertaining and ending the No Mercy mile with wheelbarrows was a smoker.

    Great to continue to see the high numbers at Twin Team!