Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Great Debate


Which has a larger perimeter: Midlothian Middle School or Tomahawk Creek Middle School?

This is mostly what the Pax deliberated during a DK beatdown in the driving January rain that went something like this:

(Please note: From hence forward, “1 Perimeter” denotes 1 Tomahawk Creek Middle School Perimeter, including running down to entrance and back up to normal PAX parking spot)

1 Perimeter

Assemble at main entrance to seek shelter for 3 for COP, completely in conversation: DQs, Imperial Walkers, Squats, LBCs, Dying Cockroaches, Arm Circles

Following, Bullseye’s lead: Set of Moving DQs (move foot forward as you come up)

1 Perimeter

Assemble at main entrance again for BLIMPS down to the drive entrance and back up: forward lunge, backward lunge, forward Lt. Dan Walkers, backward Lt. Dan Walkers, Bear Crawl (made it to bottom, now going back up), Crawl Bear, Walk Outs, backward Crab Walk, forward Crab Walk, forward Duck Walk, backward Duck Walk, bunny hops, broad jumps

1 Perimeter

Assemble close to main entrance for Ciabatta: Step Ups – 20s on, 10s off

1 Perimeter

Assemble back at main entrance for Accelerators – run 75% of straightaway, sprint last 25% – Repeato x 2

Mosey back to VSF for COT. YHC took us out with a moment of silence for government employees who haven’t been paid in weeks.

Naked Moleskin:

It was wet…real wet. But it was warm…like sunny and 70.

Quote of the morning came from Gumbo who said he had started sweating…and YHC reminded him that he was covered in rain…and Gumbo said “it’s sweat; it tastes different.”

The New Market clowns were nowhere to be seen.


Dr. Tryhard Q tomorrow at Twin Team.

Order your F3 RVA shirt here: https://f3.mudgear.com/products/f3-rva-shirt-pre-order Cheers to Dr. Tryhard for coordinating (Döner Kebab is exactly 11 characters…boom!)


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  1. Great working out with 2 great dudes this morning!

    Would be interested to know what the rest of the RVA Pax thinks: Midlo Middle perimeter or Tomahawk Creek perimeter?

  2. Great Q DK. I enjoyed the conversation. And, I can’t wait to see Wilson, Mr. Roper, TYA and Saab do the moving DQs at your next Q.

    Well done with defining your term at the beginning of the BB…your lawyer father would be proud!

    For the record, while I believe Tomahawk is larger sq ft wise, I think Midlo has the larger perimeter. Is that circumference? Tobit/Offshore – help a brother out.