Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tawm Bradee Rode An Elevata


Eighteen NFC fans posted at 45MOM to discuss all things Rams. Here’s what we talked about:

COP: Invisible jump rope / IJR left leg only / IJR right leg only. On your six. Flat on the ground. Arms above your head. Flutter kick position. Now assume merkin position. Recover – just for you TYA. SSHs / Hillbillies.

Sammy Sosa (Marmaduke calls it The Prostitute. I call is baseball. Sammy Sosa seems like a fair compromise): Home Plate: hold :60 elbow plank. First Base: 10 burpees. Second Base: 20 merkins. Third Base: 30 american hammers (2-count). Home Plate: 40 WWIIs. Start at HP and hold :60 elbow plank. Run to first base, perform the exercise and back to HP for plank. Run to first and second, perform the exercises and back to HP for elbow plank until you’ve circled the bases, performed the exercises, and finished back at HP with a :60 elbow plank.

Catch Me If You Can: Pax was expecting the usual 5 WWIIs and play by normal rules. Not today. If Tom Brady can deflate the football, we can all change the game. 20 WWIIs and go. The goal here was to catch your partner – running backwards – if you could. It’s called Catch Me If You Can. Not, Catch Me A Whole Bunch and Switch. Some caught their partner, some did not. But everyone ran their butts off, and earned their avocado ice cream.

Crab Walk Beast: Starting line is doubles line on first tennis court. Turn around line is center line of court number 2. First exercise: LBCs. Second exercise: SSHs. Third exercise: HR merkins. Time running out. Modify fourth round to lunges and jump squats. Buzzer rang. Back to the flag.

Pucker, riding that Patriots high, took us out.

Announcements: Puppy Pile is a maybe for Saturday. Stay tuned. My law firm is running a canned food drive for furloughed federal employees in need. Reach me at 804-852-0800 for details. Dr. Try Hard has limited add space left on his shovel flag if you are looking to expand your marketing. New AO opening on 4/4 at Huguenot HS. Dr. Try Hard – well done setting this up. You may lose out on naming rights, however. Breakfast Club launches from ETs at 05:30 every Saturday. Bring your shovel flags and run with us. It is a really cool experience.

NMS: TYA was lucky enough to experience one of the coolest events in sports, an NFL conference title game, in KC this past Sunday. His Chiefs fought hard, but in the end, were robbed by the NFL – Bob Kraft machine. While he was there, Tawmmy Avocodo rode in an elevator. And no TYA, we are not changing Friday’s run name from RAMM to PATS for the next two weeks.

Great work today men. The energy was awesome! The gloom really is a powerful thing. Loved having y’all out there with me today. Go Rams!


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  1. So much fun today – across the board. Thank you men for being out there today. It was just awesome!

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Enjoyed playing in the rain boys!
    Solid Q Vinny!
    Way to work guys..
    See y’all in the gloom..

  3. Hail to the Redskins! Oh, wait. That’s right, Bruce Allen screwed us again. Nice Q, Vinny. Lots of suction noise this morning. Crab walks are a bad shoulder’s worst enemy.
    Hot Potato Q at Dogpile again this Saturday! BRING IT!!!!!

  4. Vinny! Great Q brother. Way to keep us moving and shine the light in circumstance that would normally crush another man. Welcome Sapporo!

  5. Great Q Vinny! It was great to be back out at 45MOM today. I have missed you guys on Thursdays!

    If the real Sammy Sosa had done that workout everyday instead of steroids maybe he would have received more than 2% of the Hall of Fame vote.

    Have a good one fellas!