Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rule Number 1 – don’t get hit by a bus


Eight regulars came out to SOT for a hot potato Q, something like this:

Rosie – mosey to back parking lot, SSH, Don Q, Hillbillies, shoulder taps, merkins, LBCs. Mosey to track for fantastic four hundreds – flutter kicks, monkey humpers, SSH, merkins, 10, 20, 30, 40 with the number of reps rotating each round. Total 4 rounds – one mile.

Sugar Sock – mosey to other side of field, partner up for dora – 100 merkins, 200 flutters, 300 squats (might have screwed up that recollection of exercises, apologies)

Wedding Singer – mosey to parking lot hill – triple check – balls to wall, merkins, run up hill.

Moleskin- For some reason it felt colder today at 30 than yesterday at 19. Thanks to Rosie for warming us up in protection of the wind behind the bus. Great job to Rosie and Sugar Sock for getting us going, YHC only had time for two rounds of the triple check. Although it is icy on the hill, rule number one is always ‘don’t die’ in which this particular morning meant ‘don’t get hit by a bus’.  Great job men.

Dr. Try Hard is selling shirts for the PAX…..with our  God given F3 name on them so Handshake doesn’t longingly call himself Shakedown again. See the Docs blackbast for details, more choices will be available soon. For those of us with more than 11 letters, suck it up.



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  1. Wedding Singer on

    11 letters. I feel discriminated against for the length of my name, but I do love the shirt idea. Great job SOT men!

  2. Nice work fellas. Sorry to miss the great numbers at SOT.

    Singer – you gotta do it license plate style: “WEDNG SNGR”

  3. Excellent job to everyone leaving it all out there, and also not getting hit by a bus or dying on ice.
    Rosie showed us a couple extras gears on that last leg of the Fantastic 400, He was flat out flying.
    The Dora was Dips on the bleachers * 100, 2 ct flutter kicks * 200, squats * 300.

  4. Thanks for putting up the backblast Wedding Singer. I think you can go with W. Singer or Weddin’ Singer to meet the letter requirements. Great work guys, apologies to Lumberg for the 400s, last Twin Team he told me running was his least favorite part. Look for ground and pounds if you see Lumberg on the Q sheet.