Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I would like door number…


8 men braved the not quite as cold pre-dawn to swing around some iron and shape up their spleens.  This is what happened.

COP  SSH    merkins    arm circles      maybe something else??

Mosey to bus loop, time for fun!  AMRAP (As many rounds as possible, DaVille version), for 10 minutes, rotate between single leg deadlift snatch, sit-up straight arm toe taps, and some squat variance, 5 reps of each per round.  One minute break (to run the loop), second 10 minute AMRAP, halos both ways, sling shots both ways, lunges, again 5 reps of each per round.  One minute break while doing some burpees.  3rd 10 minute AMRAP, lawnmowers, 5 each arm, superman bananas, 5 each direction, calf raises on the curb.

Mosey to flag, plank up, only KB needed was Rounder’s 55 pounder!  While planking, reach through and pass the KB around, one complete circle each way.

Numberama, namerama, Emoji took us out.



Mudface hates writing backblasts but loves leading workouts, and YHC likes writing backblasts, so we have teamed up–YHC will sign Mudface up for a Q, any Q, and YHC will attend and write the backblast.  This is the inaugural effort, let’s see how it goes.

There was an inordinate amount of mumblechatter focused on whether this was a good spleen workout, in the end consensus is it did a great job.  No need for handwarmers this morning, it was a balmy 30 when we kicked things off.  Some of the exercises needed explanation, and the superman bananas (on stomach, arms stretched out grasping KB, lift KB up a few inches, maintain this form while rolling to side, then roll back, put down KB, that’s one) roughed up the PAX.  Mudface, as is his custom, asked the PAX to pick a workout, as he had 2 prepared, and we chose option A, which thankfully did not contain Turkish getups.  Bulkhead worked out a little closer than last week, which Helix attributed to him (Helix) having put on deodorant today, perhaps next week he’ll actually join the group!

Only announcement is that Rounders is hosting a poker game this weekend, get in touch with him for details.

As usual, Mudface and I have No Idea what we’re doing.


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