Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Cold is better with the snow…is it?


At 529 on this sub freezing morning 11 warriors emerged from their vehicles.  Moving was the only way to warm up, so thats what we did!

Mosey to back lot


Helicopters x 10

SSH x 20

Imperial walkers x 20

Merkins x 10

LBCs x 20

Arm circles – 15 forward, 15 Back


4 Corners:

Round 1 – 10 Merkins – Diagonal across Lot – 20 WWIIs – Run Backwards down sideline – 30 (2) Count Mountain Climbers – Diagonal Across Lot 40 LBCs – Run Backwards to Corner 1

Round 2 – 10 Burpees – Diagonal across – 20 Monkey Humpers – Carioce down sideline – 30 SSHs – Diagonal – 40 Single Count Freddy Mercury – Carioce back to Corner 1

Mosey around Lot

11s – Crunchy Frogs and Squats

Mosey to Water Tower


Round 1 – 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs – Runner to gate and back

Round 2 – 100 Dying Cockroaches, 200 Flutter Kicks – Runner to gate and back

Mosey to Basketball courts

Ladder Suicides-

First line 5 American Hammers, Second Line 10 American Hammers, Third Line 15 American Hammers, Fourth Line 20 American Hammers……What Goes up must come down, repeat and work way back down from 20 to 5.

Mosey to Flag – 3 Burpees OYO

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out

Announcements –

Puppy Pile this Sat – Weather permitting, Ollivander is running – its gonna be awesome!

BRR Training has begun, if you are interested talk to Flatline or TYA – Amazing event as Flatline said, every man should experience this, you wont be disappointed.

530 run from ETs every Sat to Dogpile and back afterwards – Hardywood says the run back is shorter, great way to start your SAT!


The debate at 529 before the PAX started to mosey, was- Is cold any more fun with snow on the ground?  Doozy says that it is, some of us southerners are not so sure about that.  Either way it was cold this morning but every blasted through that workout like it was 75 and we were at the beach.  My apologies to Flange as he took a spill on the backwards run after tripping on a parking block, hope there are no after effects to the fall Flange. The combo of Hardywood and Flatline crushed the Doras, well done gents.  Lastly the debate of what the new AO will be call is being highly contested, HUGE- Nuts seems to be the fan favorite but the good DOC TH, is saying the shovel flag is already labeled with another name, but im with team Huge- Nuts – lets make it happen!!  Strong work by all today men, you all crushed it!  My apologies on a few scatter brain moments today while calling out exercises, the cold really does work on you when you are trying to think, appreciate the patience by all!

Ill leave you with a saying my father always use to tell my brothers and I – “Triumph is just umph added to try”   I hope you all triumph in your day today!




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  1. Of course Brotha! Just read the Spider Run BB, Strong work!! Love the high numbers posting!

  2. The FORGE will begin April 4th at HHS near Bon Air – if you think Huge Nuts is a better name, post to HHS every Thursday in April and prove your pair is big enough to keep up. For a taste, DTH Beatdown #2 is coming to a TwinTeam near you this Friday. ??

  3. Marmaduke! Heck of a Q brotha. Seemed like we covered a ton of ground today. I was under the impression that the new AO was confirmed Hugenuts with Pen Island (which I already bought the domain) coming in a close second in the name voting. Here’s what I do know. Marmaduke wants Hugenuts and we should do out best to honor him. Apparently some doctor who I will try hard not to mention has an issue with Hugenuts. I wasn’t aware that the founding fathers of this country, in all of their flawed wisdom would want it any other way.

    Yes, the pre run from ETs before Dogpile is awesome and bring your shovel flag if you got one. Of the man great F3 moments, seeing a band of brothers run with shovel flags at 5:30 and again at 7:30 was a site to see. This site moves something in the spirit. This is an easy run and no man is left behind.

  4. A+ for the resolve DTH. A good Q knows when to audible and when to just flat out make the PAX feel the pain for their commentary and insubordination…

  5. Duke – sorry to miss this one. Looks tough. I’m with the snow makes the cold not only more fun but functional (igloos)!

  6. Ok – I’m upset I missed the name debate and while expanding F3 RVA is great into new areas, is it wise to try and split an already relatively low count South Side on Thursday’s? Are you trying to take from Mary? I heard that there was going to be a new South Side AO last Saturday, but never heard any conversation. Not that I need to be in any of the planning conversations, but it was nice to get everyone’s opinion. Not everyone is going to be happy. Just like moving SOT. Just made sense. As it relates to the name, I think Huge Nuts is just great, but it appears there is no debate/conversation! Let’s try to remember the real reason for F3! You all mean a lot to me. See you all in the gloom.

  7. Yes Sir, I noted DRTF occurring frequently at 45MOM and saw an opportunity for Addition By Division. No interest in pulling anyone regularly attending Timberwolf. Permission and wisdom was requested from our RVA leaders, who all gave thumbs up. I personally have a tremedous number of men attending my church at WEAG, and see an opportunity for EH’ing many of them into F3, moreso with a nearby AO for which I feel personally responsible. There is great depth of meaning to a name like The Forge, which I believe will Mean Mean Stride new attenders better than something silly like HugeNuts. As of now I plan to Q the Forge in April to build momentum, then open up the Q to anyone else interested. Very interested in hearing any other thoughts or questions as they arise. Sincerely, DTH

    Huguenot High School
    7945 Forest Hill Ave, RVA 23225
    Parking off South Coleman Ln
    Thursdays, starting 4/4/19
    0530-0615 Bootcamp

  9. Great Q, Duke. To echo Hardywood, it did feel like we covered a lot of ground…way to mix it up.

    All good on the tumble. A little tweak in the neck and wrist, but surely could have been much worse! I won’t forget they are there going forward…haha!

    Not much to add as it pertains to the new AO. I’ll just say I’m excited because it’s just around the corner from my house. On second thought, let’s call it Flange’s House! Just kidding…have a great day, men!

  10. Great Q, ‘Duke. Glad you’re ok, Flange. From my view (from the six), it looked like you almost hit your head on the curb behind…dang, that would have hurt bad.

  11. Marmaduke-outstanding Q and yes we covered a lot of ground! Flange, way to fall with grace and your rebound was quick. The Forge it is!! Way to take control with The Pax! Command Authority!
    To reinforce Hardywood’s view, running up and down Cary, with buses and cars moving out of the way and honking their horns, FILLS the spirit tank!!
    God Bless!