Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Life Below Zero – F3RVA: Director’s Cut


Six Blood Moon brothers met at Batteau to discuss all things non-moon related. It was cold. It was dark. It was time to go to work.

COP: SSHs / DQs / Merkins / LBCs

Thang 1: Century Classic – Mosey down to bottom of Hill of Ill Repute. Partner 1 runs to top of hill and back. Partner 2 completes 100 merkins / 100 squats / 100 LBCs. Switch as you go until all exercises are completed as a duo.

Thang 2: Reverse Danielsons – Reverse lunges up the hill only allowing your toes and front of foot to hit the ground. Repeat for 10 then switch to Bernie Sanders. Repeato to the top of the hill. Next: left leg hops down x 10 hops. Right leg hops x 10.

Thang 3: Walls of Jericho: Seven burpees then run around the Stone House. Repeat x 7.

Thang 4: Table Scraps: Lawnmower merkins. Partner up. Five hand steps forward then five merkins x 2. Five hand steps to the right then five merkins. Five hand steps backward then five merkins x 2. Repeato, each partner, twice all the way through – working back to the left on round two.

Mosey over to the Salad Bowl. 25 WWIIs feet facing up the high side. Clock merkins. Five at 3 o’clock / 6 o’clock / 9 o’clock and midnight.

Two minutes of pain: bear crawl / crawl bear on the curbs at the traffic circle.

ABBA took us out.

Announcements: Puppy Pile this Saturday, weather permitting. Ollie is on the call.

Naked Mole Skin: Great work by all men posting across the region this morning. The temps were no joke, as was evidenced by my car windows remaining frozen shut until I got back home post workout. Since Phonics is taking note, I’ll play along. We had one brother in shorts, who was also in a weight vest. One brother wearing Adidas pants. One brother carrying a sippy cup, and one brother who just came back from Denmark, where it was warmer.

Per his usual, Sippy Cup ran to the AO. Of important note, the contents inside did not freeze. Sippy Cup, on the other hand, may have. At least his left side. I did not see him on the Nickel Bridge on the way back. Hopefully he made it home safely, and didn’t swallow any June bugs.

Dr. Try Hard brought his shovel flag. Dr. Try Hard’s shovel flag brought its own F3 flag. The growth is real.

Stay warm men.


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